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1999 MLB Amateur Draft Summary

2000 MBL Amateur Draft Summary also available.

The following list contains the first round of the 1999 MLB Amateur Draft as well as info that might be of interest to Texas, Big 12, SWC, or Austin-area fans. I'm adding signing info as it becomes available. If you hear of any signings or draftees I might have missed, please drop me a line and I'll include the info along with proper attribution. Please let me know if you don't want your name listed as a source of info. Thanks.

Check out the Major League Baseball page for more draft info.

Last updated: September 11, 1999

Notes: [s] indicates the team and player have come to terms (signed); [c] indicates the player has elected to stay in college; other players' status unknown to me (updates appreciated).

Round 1

# Club Name Pos School - Hometown
1 Devil Rays Josh Hamilton [s] rf/lhp Athens Drive HS - Raleigh, NC
2 Marlins Josh Beckett [s] rhp Spring HS - Spring, TX
3 Tigers Eric Munson [s] c Southern California - San Diego, CA
4 Diamondbacks Corey Myers [s] ss Desert Vista HS - Phoenix, AZ
5 Twins Brandon Garbe [s] of Moses Lake HS - Moses Lake, WA
6 Expos Josh Girdley [s] lhp Jasper HS - Jasper, TX
7 Royals Kyle Snyder [s] rhp North Carolina - Sarasota, FL
8 Pirates Robert Bradley [s] rhp Wellington Community HS - Wellington, FL
9 Athletics Barry Zito [s] lhp Southern California - El Cajon, CA
10 Brewers Ben Sheets [s] rhp NE Louisiana State - Amant, LA
11 Mariners Ryan Christianson [s] c Arlington HS - Riverside, CA
12 Phillies Brett Myers [s] rhp Englewood HS - Jacksonville, FL
13 Orioles Mike Paradis [s] rhp Clemson - Auburn, MA
14 Reds Ty Howington lhp Hudson's Bay HS - Vancouver, WA
15 White Sox Jason Stumm [s] rhp Centralia HS - Centralia, WA
16 Rockies Jason Jennings [s] rhp Baylor - Mesquite, TX
17 Red Sox [*1] Eric Asadoorian [s] of Northbridge HS - Whitinsville, MA
18 Orioles [*2] Richard Stahl [s] lhp Newton HS - Covington, GA
19 Blue Jays Alexis Rios [s] 3b San Pedro Martin HS - Guaynabo, PR
20 Padres [*3] Vince Faison [s] cf Toombs County HS - Lyons, GA
21 Orioles [*4] Larry Bigbie [s] rf Ball State - Hobart, IN
22 White Sox [*5] Matthew Ginter [s] rhp Mississippi State - Winchester, KY
23 Orioles [*6] Keith Reed [s] rf Providence College - Yarmouth, MA
24 Giants Kurt Ainsworth [s] rhp Louisiana State - Baton Rouge, LA
25 Royals [*7] Robert MacDougal [s] rhp Wake Forest - Mesa, AZ
26 Cubs Ben Christensen [s] rhp Wichita State - Goddard, KS
27 Yankees David Walling [s] rhp Arkansas - Lakeside, CA
28 Padres Gerik Baxter [s] rhp Edmonds Woodsway HS - Edmonds, WA (Texas signee)
29 Padres [*8] Omar Ortiz [s] rhp UT-Pan American - Brownsville, TX
30 Cardinals [*9] Chance Caple [s] rhp Texas A&M - Southlake, TX
*1: from Angels for Mo Vaughn
*2: from Cardinals for Eric Davis
*3: from Dodgers for Kevin Brown
*4: from Rangers for Rafael Palmeiro
*5: from Mets for Robin Ventura
*6: from Indians for Roberto Alomar
*7: from Red Sox for Jose Offerman
*8: from Astros for Ken Caminiti
*9: from Braves for Brian Jordan
Sandwich Picks
31 Diamondbacks Sean Daigle rhp Sulphur HS - Vinton, LA
32 Royals Jay Gehrke [s] rhp Pepperdine - Scottsdale, AZ
33 Mariners Jefferey Heaverlo [s] rhp Washington - Ephrata, WA
34 Orioles Joshua Cenate [s] lhp Jefferson HS - Charlestown, WV
35 White Sox Brian West [s] rhp West Monroe HS - West Monroe, LA
36 Cardinals Nicholas Stocks [s] rhp Florida State - Tampa, FL
37 Dodgers Jason Repko [s] cf/rf Hanford HS - West Richland, WA
38 Rangers Colby Lewis [s] rhp Bakersfield College - Bakersfield, CA
39 Giants Jerome Williams [s] rhp Waipahu HS - Waipahu, HI
40 Red Sox Bradley Baker [s] rhp Pioneer Valley Reg. - Leyden, MA
41 Padres Casey Burns [s] rhp U. Richmond - Pennington, NJ
42 Astros George Rosamond [s] ss Mississippi - Madison, MS
43 Royals Billy Gobble [s] lhp John S. Battle School - Bristol, VA
44 Orioles Scott Rice [s] lhp Royal HS - Simi Valley, CA
45 White Sox Robert Purvis [s] rhp Bradley U. - Tipton, IN
46 Cardinals Christopher Duncan [s] 1b Canyon Del Oro HS - Tucson, AZ
47 Rangers Michael Mead [s] rhp Soddy Daisy HS - Sale Creek, TN
48 White Sox Casey Fossum [s] lhp Texas A&M - Waco, TX
49 Padres Michael Bynum [s] lhp North Carolina - Middleburg, FL
50 Orioles Brian Roberts [s] ss South Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC
51 Padres Nicholas Trzesniak [s] c Victor J. Andrew HS - Tinley Park, IL

Selected Players from Additional Rounds

Round Club Name Pos School - Hometown
2 Brewers Joshua (Kade) Johnson [s] c Seminole State College - Baytown, TX (Texas transfer)
White Sox Jonathan (Danny) Wright [s] rhp Arkansas - Batesville, AR
3 Angels Philip Wilson [s] rhp Poway HS - Ramona, CA (Texas signee)
Rockies Joshua Bard [s] c Texas Tech - Englewood, CO
4 Padres Jason Moore [s] ss Texas - Miami, FL
Astros Jon Topolski [s] cf Baylor - Houston, TX
5 Royals Kenneth Harvey [s] 1b Nebraska - Cerritos, CA
Cardinals Melvin Williams [s] cf Rice - Humble, TX
6 Athletics Mario Ramos lhp Rice - Pflugerville, TX
7 Mets Rodney Nye [s] 3b Arkansas - Cameron, OK
Giants Joe Jester [s] ss Arkansas - Ashdown, AR
Padres John Scheschuk [s] 1b Texas A&M - Houston, TX
8 Royals Eric Nelson [s] 2b Baylor - Missouri City, TX
Reds Ryan Lundquist [s] c Arkansas - Fayetteville, AR
Cardinals Shawn Schumacher [s] c/3b Texas A&M - Carthage, TX (Texas transfer)
Giants Kevin Vent [s] rhp Arkansas - Maumelle, AR
Astros Christopher Sampson [s] ss Texas Tech - Channelview, TX
9 Pirates Shane Wright [s] rhp Texas Tech - Topeka, KS
Reds Casey Bookout [s] 1b Oklahoma - Norman, OK
Cardinals Paul Damon Thames [s] ss Rice - Humble, TX
Blue Jays Joshua Holliday [s] c Oklahoma State - Stillwater, OK
10 Royals Jesse Kurtz-Nicholl [s] lhp Rice - Malibu, CA
Reds Scott Dunn [s] rhp Texas - San Antonio, TX
Dodgers Lamont Matthews [s] of Oklahoma State - Petersburg, VA
11 Tigers Erick Burke [s] lhp Houston - Houston, TX
Brewers William Ford [s] of Rice - Houston, TX
12 Reds Joshua Spoerl [s] 3b Texas - Mesquite, TX (Texas football player)
Astros Royce Huffman [s] 3b Texas Christian - Missouri City, TX
13 Marlins Bryan Moore [s] rhp Houston - Garden Grove, CA
14 Brewers Steven Truitt [s] cf Texas A&M - Missouri City, TX
15 Tigers Corey Richardson [s] cf New Mexico State - Lone Star, TX (Texas transfer)
Expos Valentino Pascucci [s] rhp Oklahoma - Cerritos, CA
Phillies Mark Outlaw [s] lhp Baylor - Waco, TX
Astros Bryan Edwards rhp Northeast Texas CC - Austin, TX (Texas signee)
16 Tigers Stephen Bess [s] rhp Rice - Nashville, TN
17 Rockies William Gasparino [s] ss Oklahoma State - Valrico, FL
18 Brewers Stephen Scarborough [s] ss Texas A&M - Duncanville, TX
Rockies Brandon Caraway ss Houston - Houston, TX
19 Mariners Brandon Roberson rhp Texas Tech - Aledo, TX
20 Reds Mark Burnett [s] 2b Arkansas - Benton, AR
Blue Jays Wayne Dreier [s] rhp Oklahoma State - Enion, MO
22 Blue Jays Justin Stine [s] lhp Missouri - Pottersville, MO
24 Royals Brian Johnson [s] c Nebraska - Derby, KS
Dodgers Joseph Nance lhp Houston - Houston, TX
25 Cubs Ryan Van Horn [s] c Oklahoma - Modesto, CA
Astros Christopher George [s] rhp Missouri - St. Louis, MO
26 Reds Jason Huth [s] ss Texas Tech - Englewood, CO
Cardinals Justin Berg [s] c Rice - Boulder, CO
Indians Kyle Denney [s] rhp Oklahoma - Prague, OK
27 Royals Benjamin Carter c Bowie HS - Austin, TX
Brewers Brad Ralston [s] rhp Texas Tech - Lubbock, TX
28 Marlins Matt Ward [s] lhp Texas A&M - Irvine, CA
Athletics Nathan Hilton [s] rhp Iowa State - Boone, IA
Cardinals Brandon Peck [s] lhp Kansas State - Bethany, OK
Astros Marcus Gwyn rhp Rice - The Woodlands, TX
29 Yankees Bryan Loeb c Baylor - Sugarland, TX
Cubs Ryan Jackson c McNeil HS - Austin, TX
31 Red Sox Jaime Bubela cf Baylor - Houston, TX
Braves Zachary Parker lhp Westwood HS - Austin, TX
36 Brewers Jeremy Krismer [s] rhp Oklahoma State - Tulsa, OK
White Sox Jeffrey Bajenaru rhp Oklahoma - Cucamonga, CA
37 Cardinals Robert Yates [s] rhp Arkansas - Ruston, LA
41 Marlins Jeffrey Nichols rhp Rice - Desoto, TX
42 Devil Rays Benjamin Himes rf Westlake HS - Austin, TX
44 Indians Michael Bishop of/c Kansas State - Willis, TX
45 Royals Jacob Baker [s] 3b Rice - Houston, TX

Totals for Big 12 and SWC schools

# of Draftees School(s)
10 Rice
7 Arkansas, Texas A&M
6 Baylor, Texas Tech
5 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State
4 Houston
3 Texas
2 Kansas State, Missouri, Nebraska
1 Iowa State, Texas Christian
0 Kansas

Thanks to Jamie Rosenberg for info on several signings.

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