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2000 MLB Amateur Draft Summary

There were 1452 players picked in the 2000 MLB Amateur Draft. The following list contains info from the draft that might be of interest to Texas, Big 12, SWC, or Austin-area fans. I'll add signing info as it becomes available. If you hear of any signings or draftees I might have missed, please drop me a line and I'll include the info along with proper attribution. Please let me know if you don't want your name listed as a source of info. Thanks.

You might notice that I chose not to cover the entire first round this year as I've done in the past. Well, the truth is...I'm just not that interested in non-Texas/Big12/SWC/Austin folks so I decided not to spend so much time trying to find out what's going on with the rest of the world.

Check out the Major League Baseball page for more draft info.

Last updated: August 28, 2000

Notes: [s] indicates the team and player have come to terms (signed); [c] indicates the player has elected to stay in college; other players' status unknown to me (updates appreciated).

A note about Chris Houser. He has used up his eligibility and will not be playing with the Longhorns in the coming season. He has decided to return to school to complete his degree, though. I do not know if he plans to sign with the Indians once he finishes school.

Round Pick Club Name Pos School - Hometown
1 14 Orioles Beau Hale [s] rhp Texas - Mauriceville, TX
24 Cardinals Blake K. Williams [s] rhp Southwest Texas - San Marcos, TX
25 Rangers Scott A. Heard [s] c Rancho Bernardo HS - San Diego, CA (Texas signee)
38 Braves Kelly A. Johnson [s] ss Westwood HS - Austin, TX
39 Rangers Chad B. Hawkins [s] rhp Baylor - Euless, TX
2 41 Marlins Jason F. Stokes [s] lf Coppell HS - Coppell, TX (Texas signee)
3 90 Athletics Daylan J. Holt [s] of Texas A&M - Mesquite, TX
4 105 Expos Clifton P. Lee [s] lhp Arkansas - Benton, AR
110 Angels Charlie Thames [s] rhp Texas - Humble, TX
114 Orioles Jon S. Skaggs rhp Rice - Sugarland, TX
128 Yankees Matthew J. Smith [s] lhp Oklahoma State - Henderson, NV
5 136 Devil Rays Jace A. Brewer [s] ss Baylor - Washington, OK
138 Tigers Robert M. Durham [s] cf Texas Tech - Dallas, TX
145 Phillies Matthew D. Riethmaier [s] rhp Arkansas - Arkadelphia, AR
150 Athletics Kenneth D. Baugh rhp Rice - Houston, TX
154 Rangers Gregory G. Runser [s] rhp Houston - The Woodlands, TX
155 Mets Quenten L. Patterson [s] rhp Oklahoma State - Killeen, TX
6 170 Angels Brandon G. O'Neal [s] rhp Kansas - Olathe, KS
176 Mariners Jamal N. Strong [s] cf/ss Nebraska - Altadena, CA
186 Indians Kyle K. Evans [s] rhp Baylor - Albuquerque, NM
187 Astros Thomas Whiteman [s] ss Oklahoma - Edmond, OK
7 206 Mariners Jaime L. Bubela [s] rf Baylor - Houston, TX
210 Athletics Marcus E. Gwyn [s] rhp Rice - The Woodlands, TX
8 225 Expos Phil Seibel [s] lhp Texas - Cypress, CA
234 Orioles Jayme G. Sperring [s] rhp Rice - Cypress, TX
240 Athletics Kyle R. Crowell [s] rhp Houston - Webster, TX
241 Giants Nicholas W. Wilfong [s] cf Missouri - Wappapello, MO
9 262 White Sox Jason Aspito [s] ss Loyola Marymount - Itasca, IL (Texas transfer)
268 Blue Jays Nom S. Siriveaw [s] 3b/of Oklahoma State - Vancouver, Canada
273 Reds Bryan K. Edwards [s] rhp no school - Austin, TX
10 301 Giants Adam J. Shabala [s] cf Nebraska - Lincoln, NE
11 322 White Sox Tommy Nicholson [s] 2b Texas - Anaheim, CA
324 Orioles Darren R. Heal rhp Oklahoma State - Straten Island, NY
327 Dodgers Joseph S. Nance [s] lhp Houston - Houston, TX
12 354 Orioles Kristopher M. Wilken [s] c Houston - Albuquerque, NM
355 Phillies Brandon C. Caraway [s] of Houston - Houston, TX
365 Mets Todd Faulkner 1b Auburn - Powder Springs, GA (Texas transfer)
13 387 Dodgers Ronte A. Langs [s] cf Oklahoma State - Memphis, TN
14 409 Padres John Woodward [s] 1b Houston - Spring, TX
411 Brewers Todd West [s] ss Texas - Highlands Ranch, CO
423 Reds Eric M. Sultemeier cf New Braunfels HS - New Braunfels, TX (Texas signee)
15 447 Dodgers Derek T. Michaelis [s] 1b Rice - Waco, TX
16 474 Orioles D.J. Jones lhp Texas - Forney, TX
480 Athletics Christopher M. Scarcella [s] rhp Texas A&M - League City, TX
490 Braves Andrew L. Bent [s] rhp Nebraska - Beatrice, NE
18 547 Astros Eric J. Lee [s] rf Houston - Houston, TX
19 554 Royals Aaron M. Melebeck [s] ss Houston - Houston, TX
20 584 Royals Justin M. Cowan [s] c/1b Nebraska - Lincoln, NE
588 Tigers Jeremy D. Swindell [s] lhp Houston - Houston, TX
593 Cardinals Landon S. Brandes [s] 3b Missouri - Knob Noster, MO
595 Phillies Anthony D. Hensley [s] of Baylor - Iola, TX
21 617 Rockies Zack Parker rhp San Jacinto College - Austin, TX
23 697 Astros Mark A. Hamilton [s] lhp/1b Texas Christian - Hurst, TX
24 717 Dodgers Zachary A. Lekse [s] ss Oklahoma - Norman, OK
726 Indians Chris Houser [c] 3b Texas - Duncanville, TX
25 733 Cubs Scott L. Fries [s] lhp Nebraska - Dannebrog, NE
753 Reds Joshua A. Tomsu [s] rhp Southwest Texas - San Marcos, TX
26 770 Angels James R. Warner [s] rf Missouri - Chesterfield, MO
784 Rangers Jason Gray [s] of Rice - Sugarland, TX
27 794 Royals Marco A. Cunningham [s] cf Texas Tech - Silt, CO
805 Phillies Trevor D. Bullock [s] lhp Nebraska - Lincoln, NE
28 832 White Sox Kyle B. Bohannan [s] rhp Arkansas - Springdale, AR
836 Mariners Thomas S. Williams cf McCallum HS - Austin, TX
29 868 Blue Jays Chris Neuman lhp Western Hills HS - Fort Worth, TX (Texas signee)
30 901 Giants Jason K. Pekar [s] cf Houston - Houston, TX
31 925 Phillies Preston B. Underdown [s] 2b/3b Baylor - Scottsdale, AZ
33 979 Padres Michael J. Bitter [s] c Houston - Tyler, TX
991 Giants James L. Lunsford [s] c Texas Tech - San Angelo, TX
993 Reds Gerrit L. Simpson rhp Connors St Col - Claremore, OK (Texas signee)
34 1029 Diamondbacks Steve Woodward [s] lf CS-Fullerton - Clovis, CA (Texas transfer)
39 1166 Mariners John C. Nelson ss Kansas - Denton, TX
43 1288 Reds Michael Laesch [s] rhp Iowa State - Ames, IA
44 1315 Reds Bryan G. Anderson [s] ss Southwest Texas - San Antonio, TX
45 1327 Devil Rays Luke Scott lf Oklahoma State - Deleon Springs, FL
1346 Diamonbacks Robert A. Ramsey rhp Bowie HS - Austin, TX

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Thanks, as usual, to Mike Gustafson for some of the signing info.

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