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1997 MLB Amateur Draft Summary

The following list includes the first round of the 1997 MLB Amateur Draft and all the information I've been able to gather on Texas, Texas recruits, Big 12 schools, other area schools, and former-SWC schools.

2000 MBL Amateur Draft Summary also available.

Last updated: June 4, 1998

Notes: [s] indicates the team and player have come to terms (signed), [c] indicates the player has elected to stay in college.

Round 1

1 Detroit Tigers Matt Anderson [s] rhp Rice University
2 Philadelphia Phillies J. D. Drew of Florida State University (did not sign; drafted again in '98)
3 Anaheim Angels Troy Glaus [s] 3b/ss UCLA
4 San Francisco Giants Jason Grilli [s] rhp Seton Hall University
5 Toronto Blue Jays Vernon Wells [s] of Bowie HS - Arlington, TX (Texas signee)
6 New York Mets Geoff Goetz [s] lhp Jesuit HS - Tampa, FL
7 Kansas City Royals Dan Reichert [s] rhp University of the Pacific
8 Pittsburgh Pirates J. J. Davis [s] 1b Baldwin Park HS - Pomona, CA
9 Minnesota Twins Michael Cuddyer [s] ss Great Bridge HS - Chesapeake, VA
10 Chicago Cubs Jon Garland [s] rhp Kennedy HS - Granada Hills, CA
11 Oakland Athletics Chris Enochs [s] rhp West Virginia University
12 Florida Marlins Aaron Akin [s] lhp Cowley County CC
13 Milwaukee Brewers Kyle Peterson [s] rhp Stanford University
14 Cincinnati Reds Brandon Larson [s] ss Louisiana State University
15 Chicago White Sox Jason Dellaero [s] ss University of South Florida
16 Houston Astros Lance Berkman [s] 1b Rice University
17 Boston Red Sox John Curtice [s] lhp Great Bridge HS - Chesapeake, VA
18 Colorado Rockies Mark Mangum [s] rhp Kingwood HS - Kingwood, TX
19 Seattle Mariners Ryan Anderson [s] lhp Divine Child HS - Westland, MI
20 St. Louis Cardinals Adam Kennedy [s] ss Cal State University Northridge
21 Oakland Athletics [*1] Eric DuBose [s] lhp Mississippi State University
22 Baltimore Orioles Jayson Werth [s] c Glenwood HS - Chatham, IL
23 Montreal Expos Donnie Bridges [s] rhp Oak Grove HS - Hattiesburg, MS
24 New York Yankees [*2] Tyrell Godwin [c] of East Bladen HS - Elizabethtown, NC (attending U. of North Carolina)
25 Los Angeles Dodgers Glenn Davis [s] 1b/of Vanderbilt University
26 Baltimore Orioles [*3] Darnell McDonald [s] of Cherry Creek HS - Englewood, CO (Texas signee)
27 San Diego Padres Kevin Nicholson [s] ss Stetson University
28 Cleveland Indians Tim Drew [s] rhp Lowndes County HS - Hahira, GA
29 Atlanta Braves Troy Cameron [s] ss St. Thomas Aquinas HS - Fort Lauderdale, FL
30 Arizona Diamondbacks Jack Cust [s] 1b Immaculata HS - Flemington, NJ
31 Tampa Bay Devil Rays Jason Standridge [s] lhp Hewitt HS - Trussville, AL

*1: created pick as compensation for losing Mike Bordick to Baltimore Orioles
*2: pick as compensation for losing John Wetteland to Texas Rangers
*3: pick as compensation for losing David Wells to New York Yankees

Selected Players from Additional Rounds

R-2 San Francisco Giants Scott Linebrink [s] rhp/cf Southwest Texas State
R-3 San Francisco Giants Jeff Andra [s] lhp Oklahoma
Houston Astros Scott Barrett [c] lhp Katy Mayde Creek HS - Houston, TX (Texas signee), transferred to San Jacinto College
Montreal Expos Josh Reding [s] ss Rancho Santiago JC (Texas signee)
Colorado Rockies Todd Sears [s] 1b Nebraska
R-4 Chicago Cubs Nathan Teut [s] lhp Iowa State
Kansas City Royals Goeffrey Tomlinson [s] of Houston
R-5 Kansas City Royals Jason Gooding [s] lhp Texas Tech
Los Angeles Dodgers Kip Harkrider [s] ss Texas
Detroit Tigers Heath Schesser [s] ss Kansas State
R-6 Cleveland Indians Brian Benefield [s] ss Texas A&M
San Francisco Giants Kevin Joseph [s] rhp Rice
Boston Red Sox Kristopher Wilken [c] c/3b/p Eldorado HS - Albuquerque, NM (Houston signee)
R-7 Kansas City Royals Joe Dillon [s] 3b Texas Tech
Atlanta Braves Bry Ewan [s] c/1b/of Belton HS - Belton, TX (Texas signee)
Anaheim Angels Matt Garrick [s] c Texas A&M
Arizona Diamondbacks Brian Gordon [s] of Round Rock HS - Round Rock, TX
St. Louis Cardinals Joseph Secoda [s] 2b Rancho Santiago JC (Texas signee)
R-8 Houston Astros Ryan Dunn [s] of TCU
Kansas City Royals Eric Yanz [s] rhp Kansas State
R-9 Colorado Rockies David Johnson [s] rhp Kansas State
Cincinnati Reds Scott Williamson [s] rhp Oklahoma State
R-10 Oakland Athletics Javier Flores [s] c Oklahoma
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Carl Hutchens [c] rhp Anderson HS - Austin, TX
Chicago White Sox Jamie Smith [s] rhp Texas A&M
R-11 Montreal Expos Matt Blank [s] lhp Texas A&M
San Diego Padres Dave Maurer [s] lhp Oklahoma State
R-12 Colorado Rockies Ryan Seifert [s] rhp Iowa State
R-13 Pittsburgh Pirates Kris Lambert [s] lhp Baylor
R-15 Pittsburgh Pirates Jason Moore [c] ss/2b Westminster Christian HS - Miami, FL (Texas signee)
R-17 Oakland Athletics Elvin Nina [s] rhp Oklahoma State
Cleveland Indians Brian Shackelford [c] lhp/of Oklahoma
R-18 Pittsburgh Pirates Shawn Schumacher [c] c/3b Panola JC - Carthage, TX (Texas signee)
R-19 Philadelphia Phillies Jimmy Frush [s] rhp Texas Tech
R-20 Philadelphia Phillies Jeff Terrell [s] if Missouri
R-21 Milwaukee Brewers Mark Cridland [c] of Texas
Philadelphia Phillies Rusty McNamara [s] of Oklahoma State
R-22 Anaheim Angels Steve Fish [s] rhp Nebraska
Toronto Blue Jays John Sneed [s] rhp Texas A&M
R-24 Philadelphia Phillies Patrick Driscoll [s] lhp Nebraska
R-29 Houston Astros Joseph Cathey [s] ss Rice
Minnesota Twins Aaron Jaworowski [s] 1b Missouri
Chicago Cubs Ryan Rupe [c] rhp Texas A&M
R-30 Pittsburgh Pirates Mike Scarborough [c] of Texas, transferred to TCU
R-31 San Diego Padres Jon Oisseth [s] lhp Kansas State
R-36 Atlanta Braves Tim Lyons [s] p Kansas
R-45 Chicago White Sox Jason Aspito [c] ss/3b Driscoll Catholic HS - Itasca, IL (Texas signee)

Additional players - round unknown

St. Louis Cardinals Neal Arnold [s] rhp Nebraska
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Dustin Carr [s] of Houston
San Diego Padres Joe DeMarco [s] ss Kansas
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Bryan Edwards [c] rbp Bowie HS - Austin, TX
Chicago Cubs Todd Fereday [s] 3b Kansas State
New York Yankees Beau Hale [c] rhp Little Cypress-Mauriceville HS - Mauriceville, TX (Texas signee)
San Diego Padres John Hunter [s] of Texas A&M
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Coy Lowden [c] lhp Hays HS - Buda, TX (Texas signee)
Philadelphia Phillies Mark Manbeck [s] rhp Houston
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Jim Munroe [c] rhp Servite HS - Orange, CA (Texas signee)
Cincinnati Reds Scott Sandusky [c] c Texas A&M
Florida Marlins Matthew Schnabel [s] of/1b Southwest Texas State
Arizona Diamondbacks Jason Scobie [c] rhp Westwood HS - Austin, TX (attending McLennan Community College)
Atlanta Braves Collin Wissen [s] of Southwest Texas State

I'll post additional info as I get it. If you know of any missing info that might be of interest to Texas, Big 12, or SWC fans, please drop me a line and I'll add it to the list (with proper attribution, naturally). Thanks.

Thanks to Mike Gustafson in Oklahoma for some of the later-round info that's so hard to come by; to Parker Binion for the info on Kris Wilken; and to Marvin Burney for the Tyrell Godwin school info.

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