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1998 MLB Amateur Draft Summary

2000 MBL Amateur Draft Summary also available.

The following list contains the first round of the 1998 MLB Amateur Draft as well as info that might be of interest to Texas, Big 12, or ex-SWC fans. I'll add signing info as it becomes available. If you hear of any signings, please drop me a line and I'll include it along with proper attribution. Please let me know if you don't want your name listed as a source of info. Thanks.

By the way, Major League Baseball has made a complete draft list available online so check it out if you want the full list.

Last updated: June 2, 1999

Notes: [s] indicates the team and player have come to terms (signed); [c] indicates the player has elected to stay in college; other players' status unknown to me (updates appreciated).

Round 1

# Club Name Pos School - Hometown
1 Phillies Pat Burrell [s] 1b Miami - Boulder Creek, CA
2 Athletics Mark Mulder [s] lhp Michigan State - South Holland, IL
3 Cubs Corey Patterson [s] of Harrision HS - Kennesaw, GA
4 Royals Jeff Austin [s] rhp Stanford - Kingwood, TX
5 Cardinals J.D. Drew [s] of Florida State - Hahira, GA
6 Twins Ryan Mills [s] lhp Arizona State - Scottsdale, AZ
7 Reds Austin Kearns [s] of Lafayette HS - Lexington, KY
8 Blue Jays Felipe Lopez [s] ss Lake Brantley HS - Altamonta Springs, FL
9 Padres Sean Burroughs [s] 3b Wilson HS - Long Beach, CA
10 Rangers Carlos Pena [s] 1b Northeastern - Haverhill, MA
11 Expos Joshua McKinley [s] ss Malvern Prep - Downington, PA
12 Red Sox Adam Everett [s] ss South Carolina - Kennesaw, GA
13 Brewers J. M. Gold [s] rhp Toms River North HS - Toms River, NJ
14 Tigers Jeff Weaver [s] rhp Fresno State - Simi Valley, CA
15 Pirates Clinton Johnston [s] lhp Vanderbilt - Vero Beach, FL
16 White Sox Robert (Kip) Wells rhp Baylor - Sugar Land, TX
17 Astros [*1] Brad Lidge [s] rhp Notre Dame - Englewood, CO
18 Angels Seth Etherton [s] rhp USC - Laguna Niguel, CA
19 Giants [*2] Anthony Torcato [s] 3b Woodland HS - Woodland, CA
20 Indians Carsten Sabathia [s] lhp Vallejo HS - Vallejo, CA
21 Mets Jason Tyner [s] cf Texas A&M - Beaumont, TX
22 Mariners Matthew Thornton [s] lhp Grand Valley - Centreville, MI
23 Dodgers Richard (Bubba) Crosby [s] cf Rice - Houston, TX
24 Yankees Andrew Brown [s] of Richmond HS - Richmond, IN
25 Giants Nathan Bump [s] rhp Penn State - Monroetown, PA
26 Orioles Rick Elder [s] of Sprayberry HS - Marietta, GA
27 Marlins Chip Ambres [s] of West Brook HS - Beaumont, TX
28 Rockies [*3] Matt Roney [s] rhp Edmond North HS - Edmond, OK
29 Giants [*4] Arturo McDowell [s] of Forest Hill HS - Jackson, MS
30 Royals [*5] Matt Burch [s] rhp Virginia Commonwealth - Elmira, NY
*1: compensation for losing Darryl Kile to Colorado
*2: compensation for losing Doug Henry to Houston
*3: compensation for losing Andres Galarraga to Atlanta
*4: compensation for losing Roberto Hernandez to Tampa Bay
*5: compensation for losing Jay Bell to Arizona
Sandwich Picks
31 Royals Christopher George [s] lhp Klein HS - Spring, TX
32 Cardinals Benjamin Diggins of Bradshaw - Dewey, AZ
33 Expos Stephen Wilkerson [s] lhp Florida - Owensboro, KY
34 Tigers Nathan Cornejo [s] rhp Wellington - Wellington, KS
35 White Sox Aaron Rowand [s] of California - Fullerton, CA
36 Rockies Raphael Freeman [s] of Dallas - Dallas, TX
37 Astros Michael Nannini [s] rhp Green Valley - Henderson, NV
38 Giants Christopher Jones [s] lhp South Meckle - Charlotte, NC
39 Orioles Mamon Tucker [s] of Stephen F. Austin HS - Austin, TX
40 Rockies Jeffrey Winchester [s] c Rummel Boys - Metairie, LA
41 Giants Jeffrey Urban [s] lhp Ball State - Alexandria, IN
Extra Selections for Unsigned 1997 First Round Picks
42 Phillies Eric Valent [s] of California - Anaheim, CA
43 Yankees Mark Prior rhp University HS - Bonita, CA

Selected Players from Additional Rounds

Round Club Name Pos School - Hometown
2 Reds Adam Dunn [s] of New Caney - Porter, TX (Texas football signee)
Braves Matthew Belisle rhp McCallum HS - Austin, TX (Texas signee)
Marlins Derek Wathan [s] ss Oklahoma - Blue Springs, MO
3 Braves Ryan Langerhans [s] 1b Round Rock HS - Round Rock, TX (Texas signee)
4 Royals Monty Ward [s] rhp Texas Tech - Lubbock, TX
5 Twins Michael Blount rhp Kansas State - Leawood, KS
Astros Scott Barrett [s] lhp San Jacinto JC - Houston, TX
6 Devil Rays Ryan Rupe [s] of Texas A&M - Houston, TX
7 Royals Jeremy Dodson [s] of Baylor - Sherman, TX
Tigers Clinton Smith [s] rhp Oklahoma - Claremore, OK
Rockies Matthew Holliday [s] 3b Stillwater HS - Stillwater, OK
Yankees Ryan Ridenour [s] lhp TCU - Southlake, TX
8 Expos Scott Sandusky [s] c Texas A&M - Arvada, CO
Mariners Craig Kuzmic [s] c Texas A&M - Fountain Valley, CA
9 Athletics Jonathan Adkins [s] rhp Oklahoma State - Wayne, WV
10 Twins Ryan Lundquist [c] of Arkansas - Norman, OK
White Sox Stephen Bess rhp Rice - Nashville, TN
Astros Keith Ginter [s] 2b Texas Tech - Lubbock, TX
Yankees Paul Thames ss Rice - Humble, TX
11 Astros Kevin Jordan [s] of Texas Tech - Lubbock, TX
12 Cubs Anthony Zamarripa [s] rhp Texas A&M - Austin, TX
13 Royals Brian Shackelford [s] of Oklahoma - McAlester, OK
Cardinals Leslie Walrond [s] lhp Kansas - Tulsa, OK
Padres Wayne Dreier [c] rhp Oklahoma State - Enion, MO
Marlins Paul McCurtain [s] rhp Oklahoma - Mesa, AZ
14 Royals Shawn Sedlacek [s] rhp Iowa State - Ames, IA
Astros Jacob Baker 3b Rice - Houston, TX
Devil Rays Patrick Hertzel [s] rhp Kansas State - Manhattan, KS
15 Phillies Geoffrey Geary [s] rhp Oklahoma - Norman, OK
Brewers Jose Montenegro [s] ss Oklahoma - Norman, OK
Astros Charles Carter [s] 1b Baylor - Mt. Pleasant, TX
Orioles Joshua Doud rhp No school - Round Rock, TX
17 Cubs Eric Hinske [s] 1b Arkansas - Menasha, WI
Yankees Jeffrey Shaddix [s] rhp TCU - Houston, TX
19 Twins Kevin Hodge [s] rhp Rice - Bryan, TX
Padres Jeremy Fikac [s] rhp Southwest Texas - Shiner, TX
Angels Justin Stine [c] lhp Missouri - Pottersville, MO
20 Reds Duane Price [s] of Texas Tech - College Station, TX
21 Athletics Casey Bookout [c] 1b Oklahoma - Stroud, OK
22 Twins Rhett Riviere rhp St. Michael's - Austin, TX
23 Royals Corey Hart [s] 2b Oklahoma - Oklahoma City, OK
Padres John Wickersham [s] 2b Southwest Texas - La Canada, CA
24 Royals Ryan Fry [s] of Missouri - Oak Grove, MO
Reds Eric Cooper [s] rhp Texas Tech - Fremont, CA
Astros Joshua Dimmick [s] c Kansas - Wharton, TX
25 Astros Jacob Whitney [s] lhp Iowa State - Minnetona, MN
26 Twins Jason Scobie rhp McLennan CC - Austin, TX
Expos Bradley Waldron [s] rhp Iowa State - Ottawa, IL
Marlins Kevin Olsen [s] rhp Oklahoma - Norman, OK
27 Royals Yancy Ayres [s] c Kansas State - Manhattan, KS
Cardinals Ryan Christianson [s] rhp Nebraska - New Hope, MN
Giants Steven Hill [s] ss Oklahoma State - Stillwater, OK
Marlins William Hill [s] of Oklahoma - Alta Dena, CA
29 Athletics Matthew Howe [s] ss TCU - Houston, TX
Astros Brandon Buckley [s] c Texas Tech - Danville, CA
31 Marlins Jon Topolski [c] cf Baylor - Houston, TX
33 Padres Bryan Schmidt [s] ss Nebraska - Stockton, CA
34 Brewers Curt Kautsch [c] rhp Texas - Austin, TX
Devil Rays Matthew Schuldt [s] rhp Nebraska - Sioux Falls, SD
38 Pirates Shaun Skrehot [s] ss Houston - Spring, TX
Astros Bryan Edwards [c] rhp Northeast Texas - Austin, TX
42 Devil Rays Dane Hutchens rhp McClennan CC - Austin, TX (Texas signee)
43 Rockies Douglas Baylor cf Reagan HS - Austin, TX
44 Dodgers Edward (Joey) Hart c Grayson CC - Round Rock, TX
45 Cubs Christopher Connally [s] lf TCU - Midland, TX
49 Mariners Scott Atchison rhp TCU - Gradbury, TX

There were a few players listed in the draft as being from UT but as far as I know, they do not attend UT. That list includes: Ronald McGinnis [s] (c, Phillies, Round 27), Cade Sanchez (rhp, Giants, Round 31), and Billy Martin [s] (3b, Mets, Round 34). [Update: it was pointed out to me that Ronald McGinnis plays for UT-San Antonio so I started digging and found Billy Martin and Cade Sanchez on the UT-Arlington roster. I feel better now. Thanks, Bruce.]

I don't think Tony Zamarripa ended up staying at A&M (he's not listed on their roster) so that might affect the totals slightly. Nevertheless, here you go...totals for Big 12 and ex-SWC schools:

# of Draftees School
Selected totals for other schools who participated in post-season play this year:
      10 - Arizona State
       8 - Stanford
       7 - Alabama
       6 - Florida
           Georgia Tech
       5 - Florida State
           Wichita State
       3 - Auburn
       2 - Clemson
           North Carolina
       1 - South Carolina
       0 - Long Beach
           Mississippi State
10 Oklahoma
6 Texas Tech
5 Rice
Texas A&M
4 Baylor
3 Iowa State
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
2 Arkansas
1 Houston

Thanks to Mike Gustafson for pointing out Monty Ward's signing.

Also available: 1997 MBL Amateur Draft Summary.

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