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2006 MLB Amateur Draft Summary

The following list contains info from the 2006 MLB Amateur Draft that might be of interest to Texas, Big 12, or SWC fans. I also included players from teams that were here in Austin for the Austin Regional.

Last updated: June 8, 2007

Notes: [s] indicates the team and player have come to terms (signed); [c] indicates the player has elected to stay in college; other players' status unknown to me (updates appreciated). If you hear of any signings or draftees I might have missed, please drop me a line and I'll include the info along with proper attribution. Please let me know if you don't want your name listed as a source of info. Thanks.

Round Pick Club Name Pos School
1 2 COL Greg Reynolds [s] rhp Stanford
4 PIT Brad Lincoln [s] rhp Houston
8 CIN Drew Stubbs [s] cf Texas
11 ARI Maxwell Scherzer [s] [9] rhp Missouri
29 CWS Kyle McCulloch [s] rhp Texas
Comp A 41 NYY Joba Chamberlain [s] rhp Nebraska
2 53 SD Chad Huffman [s] 2b TCU
54 STL Brad Furnish [s] lhp TCU
55 ARI Brett Anderson [s] [1] lhp Stillwater HS in Stillwater, OK
57 CLE Joshua Rodriguez [s] 2b Rice
3 80 PIT Shelby Ford [s] 2b Oklahoma State
83 BOS Aaron Bates [s] 1b North Carolina State
102 LAA Russ Moldenhauer [c] of Boerne HS in Boerne, TX (Texas signee)
103 BOS Bryce Cox [s] rhp Rice
4 118 TEX Marcus Lemon [s] ss Eustis HS in Sanford, FL (Texas signee)
123 SD Nate Culp [s] lhp Missouri
133 BOS Jon Still [s] c North Carolina State
135 CWS Tyler Reves [s] c Texas Tech
136 STL Eddie Degerman [s] rhp Rice
5 151 WSH Cory VanAllen [s] lhp Baylor
163 BOS Dustin Richardson [s] lhp Texas Tech
6 171 SEA Adam Moore [s] c UT-Arlington
176 SF Ryan Rohlinger [s] ss Oklahoma
182 MIL Brae Wright [s] lhp Oklahoma State
186 MIN Jeff Christy [s] c Nebraska
191 CLE Austin Creps [s] rhp Texas A&M
7 215 FLA Don Czyz [s] rhp Kansas
226 STL Luke Gorsett [s] of Nebraska
9 272 MIL Shawn Ferguson [s] rhp TCU
276 MIN Sean Land [s] lhp Kansas
278 OAK Danny Hamblin [c] 1b Arkansas
279 HOU Greg Buchanan [s] 2b Rice
281 CLE Jared Goedert [s] 2b Kansas State
10 290 PIT Charles Benoit [s] lhp Oklahoma State
291 SEA Chris Minaker [s] ss Stanford
298 TEX Craig Gentry [s] cf Arkansas
309 HOU Nathan Karns [c] [4] rhp Martin HS in Arlington, TX (Texas signee)
11 326 SF Marvin (Gib) Hobson [s] rhp North Carolina State
328 TEX Craig Crow [s] rhp Rice
343 BOS Brandon Belt [c] [5] lhp/of Hudson HS in Lufkin, TX (Texas signee)
344 NYY Seth Fortenberry [s] lf Baylor
12 356 SF Matt Weston [s] of Houston
360 TOR Jonathan Diaz [s] ss North Carolina State
372 LAA Jordan Walden [c] [6] rhp/1b Sweeny HS in Sweeny, TX (Texas signee)
13 387 ARI John Hester [s] c Stanford
389 CHC Matt Camp [s] cf North Carolina State
402 LAA Blake Holler [s] lhp Stanford
404 NYY Daniel McCutchen [s] rhp Oklahoma
14 412 DET Brett Jensen [s] rhp Nebraska
414 CIN Carson Kainer [s] [8] of Texas
415 BAL Brent Allar [s] rhp TCU
427 PHI Ken Milner [s] cf Kansas
16 479 CHC Blake Parker [s] c Arkansas
17 505 BAL Tony Watson [c] lhp Nebraska
507 ARI Brett Reynolds [s] rhp Missouri
515 FLA Hunter Mense [s] rf Missouri
18 532 DET Deik Scram [s] cf Oklahoma State
534 CIN Ryan Wehrle [c] ss Nebraska
536 SF Jeff Stallings [c] rhp North Carolina State
541 WSH Adam Carr [s] rhp Oklahoma State
544 NYM Ritchie Price [s] ss Kansas
19 581 CLE Joshua Tomlin [s] rhp Texas Tech
586 STL Brandon Buckman [s] 1b Nebraska
20 590 PIT Matt Clarkson [s] c Oklahoma State
595 BAL Zachary Dillon [s] c Baylor
614 NYY Kevin Russo [s] 2b Baylor
21 619 TB Joseph Callender [s] 2b Texas Tech
629 CHC Taylor Parker [s] lhp Missouri
644 NYY Russell Raley [s] 2b Oklahoma
22 674 NYY Brian Aragon [s] lf North Carolina State
24 722 MIL Travis Wendte [s] rhp Missouri
25 758 OAK Aaron Odom [c] lhp Texas Tech
26 768 COL Devin Collis [s] lhp Arkansas
773 LAD Kody Kaiser [c] [7] 2b Oklahoma
781 WSH Brett Logan [s] c Houston
787 PHI William Savage [s] rhp Oklahoma
27 817 PHI John Brownell [s] rhp Oklahoma
28 853 BOS Carmine Giardina [c] [3] lhp Durant HS in Valrico, FL (Texas signee)
29 872 MIL David Newmann [c] lhp Texas A&M
878 OAK Matt Manship [s] rhp Stanford
30 896 SF Daryl Maday [s] rhp Arkansas
907 PHI Brian Capps [s] of Texas Tech
916 STL Jared Schweitzer [s] 3b Kansas
32 969 HOU Adam Hale [s] rhp Texas A&M
972 LAA Chris Lewis [s] 2b Stanford
33 982 DET Kodiak Quick rhp Kansas
34 1016 SF Jared Cranston [s] lhp Nebraska
1036 STL Isaias Garcia [s] 2b Houston
35 1046 SF Adam Cowart [s] rhp Kansas State
1066 STL James Rapoport [s] cf Stanford
36 1075 BAL Patrick Egan [s] [2] rhp Quinnipiac
1096 STL Adrian Alaniz [c] rhp Texas
37 1102 DET Ryan LaMotta rhp Baylor
38 1146 MIN Randy Boone [c] rhp Texas
39 1172 MIL Charles Caufield [s] rf Oklahoma
1184 NYY Kevin Smith [s] 1b Oklahoma
40 1216 STL Tyler Mach [c] 3b Oklahoma State
43 1282 LAD Jordan Chambless [c] rhp Texas A&M
46 1372 SF Taylor Hammack [c] [5] lhp/1b Angleton HS in Angleton, TX (Texas signee)
47 1414 LAA Jonathan Plefka [c] rhp Texas Tech
49 1451 SEA Nathan Tacker [c] rhp Rice
1458 TEX Clint Stubbs [c] cf Atlanta HS in Atlanta, TX (Texas signee)
1469 CLE Ryan Mottern [c] rhp Oklahoma
50 1495 HOU Paul Henley [c] cf Rice

More notes:
[1] - Brett is Frank Anderson's son. It looks like the Diamondbacks think he's signable and won't go to OSU since they drafted him this high.
[2] - As I was looking through the list of draftees, this name jumped out at me as someone from last year's list. So, I looked him up and sure enough...he was drafted last year. Also by Baltimore. Staying in school did not help his stock, though. He was drafted one round earlier last year. Heh.
[3] - Carmine Giardina decided to go to school at Central Florida instead of Texas after Tom Holliday made the move to NC State (link).
[4] - Nate Karns decided to make the move to NC State (going with Coach Holliday) rather than come to Texas.
[5] - Brandon Belt and Taylor Hammack ended up at San Jacinto Junior College.
[6] - Jordan Walden ended up at Grayson County College.
[7] - Did not sign but transferred to Oklahoma City College.
[8] - After successful kidney transplant surgery, Carson signed a contract in late October.
[9] - Signed minutes before the deadline on May 30, 2007.

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