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2005 MLB Amateur Draft Summary

The following list contains info from the 2005 MLB Amateur Draft that might be of interest to Texas, Big 12, or SWC fans.

Last updated: July 30, 2005

Notes: [s] indicates the team and player have come to terms (signed); [c] indicates the player has elected to stay in college; other players' status unknown to me (updates appreciated). If you hear of any signings or draftees I might have missed, please drop me a line and I'll include the info along with proper attribution. Please let me know if you don't want your name listed as a source of info. Thanks.

Round Pick Club Name Pos School
1 2 KC Alex Gordon 3b Nebraska
8 TB Wade Townsend [s] rhp Rice
15 CWS Lance Broadway [s] rhp TCU
21 OAK Clifton Pennington [s] ss A&M
Comp 43 STL Mark McCormick [s] rhp Baylor
2 63 NYY J. Brent Cox [s] rhp Texas
67 TEX Johnny Whittleman [s] 3b Kingwood HS in Kingwood, TX (Texas signee)
70 STL Josh Wilson [s] rhp Whitehouse HS in Tyler, TX (Texas signee)
3 84 MIN Brian Duensing [s] lhp Nebraska
91 PIT James Boone [s] cf Missouri
98 SD Joshua Geer [s] rhp Rice
99 TEX Taylor Teagarden [s] c Texas
4 112 KC Joseph Dickerson [s] cf Esperanza HS in Yorba Linda, CA (Texas signee)
120 DET Kevin Whelan [s] rhp A&M
122 CIN Sam LeCure [s] rhp No School (at Texas last season)
139 NYY Lance Pendleton [s] rhp A&M
5 145 MIL Kevin Roberts [s] rhp Houston
158 SD Seth Johnston [s] ss Texas
169 NYY Zachary Kroenke [s] lhp Nebraska
6 181 PIT Cameron Blair [s] 2b Texas Tech
190 CHC Kyle Reynolds [s] ss Baylor
197 ATL Tyler Bullock [s] rhp Baylor
7 206 TOR Robert Ray [s] rhp A&M
211 PIT Justin Vaclavik [s] rhp Houston
220 CHC David Taylor [s] lhp Baylor
229 NYY Garrett Patterson [s] lhp Oklahoma
8 252 SF Scott Bridges 2b Arkansas
254 HOU Koby Clemens [s] 3b Memorial HS in Houston (Texas signee)
9 261 ARI Josh Ford [s] c Baylor
263 SEA Bryan Sabatella [s] 1b Quinnipiac
267 COL Andrew Johnson [s] rhp Misssouri
10 310 CHC Joseph Simokaitis [s] ss Nebraska
12 356 TOR William Carnline [s] rhp Texas Tech
366 FLA Kyle Marlatt rhp A&M
367 PHI Michael Zagurski [s] rhp Kansas
380 STL Daniel McCutchen rhp Oklahoma
13 393 BAL Kyle Dahlberg [s] c TCU
399 TEX Douglas Mathis [s] rhp Missouri
403 LAA Bryson Cox rhp Rice
14 411 ARI Rusty Ryal [s] 3b Oklahoma State
422 CIN Michael Griffin [s] 2b Baylor
429 TEX Steven Murphy [s] rf Kansas State
15 456 FLA Paul Witt [s] ss Baylor
470 STL Adam Daniels [s] lhp Oklahoma State
16 480 DET Michael Hollimon [s] ss Oral Roberts (Texas transfer)
492 SF Buck Cody [s] lhp Texas
18 533 SEA Curtis Ledbetter [s] 1b Nebraska
19 572 CIN Eric Eymann [s] ss Kansas State
574 CLE Tim Dennehy lhp Oak Park and River Forest HS in Oak Park, IL (Texas signee)
575 CWS Jordan Danks cf Round Rock HS in Round Rock, TX (Texas signee)
585 MIN Sean Richardson [s] c Kansas
21 624 WSH Coby Mavroulis [s] lhp A&M
643 LAA Bradley Suttle 3b Boerne HS in Boerne, TX (Texas signee)
650 STL Ryan Rohlinger [s] ss Oklahoma
23 681 ARI Travis Tully [s] of Houston
684 WSH Brett Jensen rhp Nebraska
702 SF David Maroul [s] 3b Texas
710 STL A.J. Van Slyke [s] 1b Kansas
24 723 BAL Stuart Musslewhite [s] ss TCU
730 CHC Scott Hode [s] ss Arkansas
734 HOU Sean Walker [s] rhp Baylor
25 770 STL Adam Rodgers [s] 1b Rice
26 773 SEA Ari Kafka [s] rhp Quinnipiac
784 CLE Thomas Cowley [s] lhp Oklahoma State
28 847 PHI Clayton Stewart [s] rhp Texas
31 932 CIN Abraham Woody [s] rhp Baylor
32 964 CLE Brent Thomas [s] of Texas Tech
980 STL Casey Rowlett [s] cf Arkansas
34 1034 HOU Nate Warrick [s] lf UT-Arlington (Texas transfer)
35 1053 BAL Patrick Egan rhp Quinnipiac
36 1083 BAL Shawn Ferguson rhp TCU
40 1203 CLE DeWayne Carver rhp Oklahoma State
41 1245 BOS Edward Degerman rhp Rice
47 1406 CLE Kenneth Milner of Kansas
1420 STL Adam Morris [s] 3b Rice
48 1442 LAA Cody Fuller [s] cf Texas Tech
50 1491 PHI Tyler Gooch [s] rhp Oklahoma

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