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Nebraska at Texas - April 22, 2006

'Took my camera to the park today and snapped some photos. Sadly, Texas lost the game. And, it was awfully sunny so those white pants and hats led to a bit of glare in some of the photos. And, frankly, if you're on a dial-up connection, these'll take forever to load. Fair warning. Heh.

Coach Harmon has a pre-game chat with the team while Volunteer Assistant Coach Penders wanders past:

Infield drills with Brett Lewis and Preston Clark:

Infield drills with Clay Van Hook (I like the blurry hand and ball...and, even better, the look on Clay's face):

Clay Van Hook again (that's Carson Kainer against the fence):

And, while we're talking about it: what about that fence? Look at it. It cracks me up. It'd probably cost 'em about $5 in green duct tape to cover up the foam at the top of the fence, right? But, then things wouldn't look so run down. If we leave things looking all ratty, we can make sure everyone knows just how desperately those improvements we're about to start on Disch-Falk really are needed, right? Riiiiiiight. Heh.

Infield drills with Chance Wheeless and another player with a glove in front of his face:

Infield drills are just about over (that's Preston Clark and Tommy Harmon in the foreground):

The bullpen catcher's gear waiting for some action:

Some pitchers playing catch:

Grooming third base:

Painting the lines:

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