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Saturday - January 28, 2006

My New Photography Blog

I've been wanting to do this for a very long time. The 2005 National Football Championship finally forced my hand. I took a lot of photographs of the #1 Tower. A lot of photographs. They left the thing lit up for 10 days. How could I not take a lot of photographs? Once I'd taken 'em all, I didn't really know what to do with 'em. I could post the good ones ('cause you know, not all of 'em are good and many of 'em look just like each other) all at once to a page dedicated to those photos somewhere on my web site. But, that was gonna take too long. There are simply too many photos. So...then what? Well, there's my Photobox page. I hadn't updated it in years. Literally. (Hi, Kate!) Not since February 15, 1998. That's almost 8 years ago! It was ripe for a make over. So, here I am. New blog in hand. I will post many of my Tower photos here. I think there are at least 20 that are somewhat unique from each other and good enough to post. And, I will eventually get all of the old stuff moved over to this new format as well. Eventually.

And new photography blog. I'll post the first #1 Tower photo shortly.

Posted by Joanna at 12:25 AM

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