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Longhorn Baseball Summary - 2003

I didn't do much with my Longhorn Baseball page in 2003. I did make a few comments and they're archived here...

Photo of 
Huston Street celebrating victory over Mexico
(AP Photo by
Mark J. Terrill)

August 11, 2003
Well, Texas managed to get into the CWS and did awfully well. It's sad that they didn't win it all. But, they sure gave it a good try.

Other news, though, has prompted me to update. Huston Street went 8-2/3 innings for Team USA to lead the team into the Gold Medal game of the Pan Am games. What a kid! There's a great AP photo on Yahoo's News page along with an article about the game. (Link to article removed since it had disappeared from Yahoo's archives.) Way to go, Huston!

June 3, 2003
Texas wins the regional. They tried to give us a big scare by losing the first championship game to Lamar, though. I did end up missing most of the action on Saturday due to the graduation and wedding I mentioned. I drove over to the Disch after the wedding, though, and managed to catch the last half of the Lamar/Arkansas game.

May 30, 2003
Well, Texas done good. They beat Bucknell handily. Final score 7-0. Three of our boys (Dustin Majewski, Eric Sultemeier, and Joe Ferin) hit homeruns. I didn't think the first two would make it out of the park...they were hit so hiiiiiiigh in the air. But, they both cleared the fence. A complete game shut-out by Justin Simmons. Woo hoo! Up next...Lamar (who beat Arkansas 3-2).

In other news...FSU won their game. VCU won theirs. McNeese State put a bit of a scare into Rice but couldn't quite pull it off as Rice won 3-2 in 10 innings. In College Station, A&M beat Oral Roberts but Houston lost to Alabama. Nebraska won 16-11...sounds like a bit of a slug fest, eh? In the biggest surprise of the day to me, Baylor got a big scare from Murray State who scored 4 in the top of the 7th to go ahead 6-4. The Bears managed to tie things up in the bottom of the 7th and score another in the 8th to win 7-6. They had to bring Zane Carlson in for the final 2.1 innings to stop the bleeding. Sadly, Missouri lost in 11 innings to North Carolina (final score 4-3).

Out in the regional hosted by Cal State Fullerton, Notre Dame beat Arizona 13-5. Notre Dame scored all their runs in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th innings. That game answered one of our questions this evening...there's apparently no 10-run mercy rule in the regionals as Notre Dame was ahead 13-2 after 7. It looks like the UC-Riverside/Richmond game at the Stanford regional must've been fun. UC-Riverside was behind 4-2 going into the 8th. They scored 3 runs in the top of the 8th and then 5 more in the 9th to take a comfortable 10-4 lead. Richmond made a bit of a comeback, though, in the bottom of the 9th to bring the game within 2...but ended up losing 10-8.

Dateline May 27, 2003 it is nearly 3 years since I last updated. It's not that I lost interest. Quite the opposite, in fact. It's more that I just ran out of steam. It takes a lot more time and effort than you can imagine to run a site like this. I wanted desperately to post something last know...when our boys won their first CWS in 18 years! But, I never found the time. And, here it is, another regular season's come and gone. The Horns managed to pull it off and win another Big 12 tournament. Way cool. And, now they're set to host another NCAA Regional tournament. Double way cool. Alas, I'll be missing all the games on Saturday...a graduation and wedding getting in the middle of it all.

But, I've got some thoughts. So, I decided I'd post them.

First...the 8 national seeds: (1) Florida State, (2) LSU, (3) Georgia Tech, (4) Auburn, (5) Rice, (6) Stanford, (7) Cal State Fullerton, and (8) Miami. Ummm...Miami? A national seed? They didn't even manage to hit the magic 40 wins this year. What's up with that? There are 26 teams (by my count) in the tourney who do have 40 or more wins that didn't make the national seed cut. How does this happen? Arizona State has 50 wins, fer cryin' out loud! The mind boggles.

The Texas regional: (1) Texas, (2) Arkansas, (3) Lamar, and (4) Bucknell. Yes...I had to go find out what a Bucknell was. Sorry about that. It seems they won the Patriot League tournament. They beat Navy. Ah. Okay. So, they're flying all the way down here from Pennsylvania with their 27-14 record. I wish 'em the best but can't imagine they'll win a game. I don't know much about Arkansas this year. But then, when's the last time I paid attention to them? Lamar should be a good team. They beat Rice twice and took 2-of-3 from Southwest Texas. Our tourney is paired up with the Florida State regional so, assuming we win and FSU wins, our boys will be making a trip to Tallahassee for the Super Regional.

Other things of interest with respect to the Big 12: No Big 12 teams were selected as national seeds. If Texas had won the regular season title and made quick work of the tourney, we might've had a shot at a national seed. Sadly, our boys couldn't quite seem to get a handle on A&M the week before the tournament so that really didn't have a chance of working out. I suspect if Nebraska had done better in the Big 12 tourney, they would've been seeded. Alas...they did not make the championship game. 'Looks like they'll have a pretty easy time of their regional, though. They're paired with the Auburn regional. Texas A&M seems to have drawn the short straw and have the toughest regional involving Big 12 schools. They host Alabama, Houston, and Oral Roberts. Houston doesn't seem to have nearly the team they had last year, though, so maybe it won't be that bad. They play the winner of the Rice regional. Baylor is the #1 seed at the Southern Miss regional. As a consolation prize for being the only #1 seed to go on the road, they've been given the gift of Murray State as their #4 seed. Murray State somehow managed to win the Ohio Valley Conference tournament so they're headed to a regional. Their record? 25-29. Yes. A losing record. The only team in the field with a losing record. Who's left? Ah yes...Missouri. They're the #3 seed at the Mississippi State regional. I don't imagine they'll last long. Here's hoping, though! I guess it would've been nice to see Okie State get an invite be out of the Big 12 tourney in 2 games when you're the host institution? I dunno. It didn't look good.

The Rice regional: I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Rice baseball so I must comment on their regional. They're hosting Mississippi, Wichita State, and McNeese State. That should prove pretty easy for the Owls but you never know. As noted above, assuming they win, they'll play host to the winner of the A&M regional come Super Regional time.

Other random notes: Virginia Commonwealth is the #2 seed at the North Carolina State regional. I've had a very soft spot in my heart for VCU since they came to Texas for a regional about 10 years ago. I dearly hope they make the CWS. California got three regionals: Stanford, Cal State Fullerton, and Long Beach State. I'm glad about that. The mess the NCAA brought on last year due to "homeland security" worries really screwed up the West Coast schools. That situation is much improved this year. Here's hoping they get some decent attendance numbers to support their bids.

Hook 'em!

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