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2011 MLB Amateur Draft Summary

The following list contains info from the 2011 MLB Amateur Draft that might be of interest to Texas or Big 12 fans. I've also included players from teams that Texas played in the Austin Regional, the Austin Super Regional, and at the College World Series. Please note that the position listed is the one the drafting team specifies...not necessarily the primary position played in school.

Last updated: August 16, 2011

Notes: [s] indicates the team and player have come to terms (signed); [c] indicates the player has elected to stay in (or go to) college; status of other players is unknown to me (updates appreciated). If you hear of any signings or draftees I might have missed, please drop me a line and I'll include the info along with proper attribution. Thanks.

Round Pick Club Name Pos School
1 4 BAL Dylan Bundy [s] rhp Owasso HS - Owasso, OK (Texas signee) [7]
12 MIL Taylor Jungmann [s] rhp Texas [1]
26 BOS Blake Swihart [s] c Cleveland HS - Rio Rancho, NM (Texas signee) [8]
30 MIN Levi Michael [s] ss North Carolina
Comp A 43 ARI Andrew Chafin [s] lhp Kent State
2 61 PIT Josh Bell [s] of Dallas Jesuit HS - Irving Texas (Texas signee) [9]
88 NYY Sam Stafford [c] lhp Texas [2]
3 101 NYM Logan Verrett [s] rhp Baylor
103 LAA Nick Maronde [s] lhp Florida
108 TOR John Stilson [s] rhp Texas A&M
115 LAA Kyle Kubitza [s] 3b Texas State
4 124 ARI Evan Marshall [s] rhp Kansas State
137 DET Jason King [s] 3b Kansas State
141 CWS Kyle McMillen [s] rhp Kent State
150 TB Riccio Torrez [s] 3b Arizona State
5 167 DET Brandon Loy [s] ss Texas [3]
176 ATL Nick DeSantiago [s] c Blinn College (Texas transfer) [4]
177 SF Chris [s] rhp Oklahoma State
6 199 TOR Anthony DeSclafani [s] rhp Florida
7 230 STL Nick Martini [s] cf Kansas State
235 CIN James Allen [s] rhp Kansas State
8 243 SEA Carson Smith [s] rhp Texas State
245 BAL Johnny Ruettiger [s] cf Arizona State
247 WSH Greg Holt [s] rhp North Carolina
9 282 NYM Alex Panteliodis [s] lhp Florida
283 FLA Austin Barnes [s] c Arizona State
284 LAD Tyler Ogle [s] c Oklahoma
288 COL Ross Stripling rhp Texas A&M
292 BOS Travis Shaw [s] 3b Kent State
295 CIN Cole Green [s] rhp Texas [5]
10 310 HOU Kyle Hallock [s] lhp Kent State
311 MIL Mike Strong [s] lhp Oklahoma State
325 CIN Brooks Pinckard [s] rhp Baylor
11 341 MIL Tommy Toledo [s] rhp Florida
354 TEX Connor Sadzeck [s] rhp Howard College (Texas signee) [10]
360 TB Cameron Seitzer [s] 1b Oklahoma
12 387 SF Kelby Tomlinson [s] ss Texas Tech
13 397 WSH Casey Kalenkosky 2b Texas State
398 CLE Zach MacPhee [s] 2b Arizona State
403 FLA Josh Adams [s] ss Florida
409 TOR Matt Dean [s] 3b The Colony HS - Highland Village, TX (Texas signee) [11]
415 CIN Nick Fleece [s] rhp Texas A&M
421 PHI Colton Murray [s] rhp Kansas
14 432 NYM Xorge Carrillo [s] c Arizona State
441 CWS Mark Ginther 3b Oklahoma State
443 SD Burch Smith [s] rhp Oklahoma
447 SF Garrett Buechele [s] 3b Oklahoma
15 460 HOU Zach Johnson [s] 1b Oklahoma State
466 OAK T.J. Walz [s] rhp Kansas
16 498 COL Preston Tucker 1b Florida
17 533 SD Matt Stites [s] rhp Missouri
19 580 HOU Mitchell Lambson [s] lhp Arizona State
608 CLE Dillon Peters [c] lhp Cathedral HS - Indianapolis, IN (Texas signee)
20 609 CHC Ben Klafczzynski [s] of Kent State
21 637 WSH Todd Simko [s] lhp Texas A&M
639 CHC Andrew McKirahan [s] lhp Texas [12]
646 OAK Brandon Magee [s] cf Arizona State
659 NYY Zach Wilson [s] 3b Arizona State
23 701 MIL Ben McMahan [s] c Florida
24 727 WSH Kyle Ottoson rhp Arizona State
730 HOU Jesse Wierzbicki [s] 1b North Carolina
732 NYM Tant Shepherd [s] 1b Texas [6]
751 PHI Matt Campbell [s] rhp Florida
25 768 COL Patrick Johnson [s] rhp North Carolina
779 NYY Adam Smith [s] rhp Texas A&M
781 PHI Ryan Duke [s] rhp Oklahoma
26 811 PHI Michael Rocha rhp Oklahoma
28 850 HOU Jordan John lhp Oklahoma
29 885 LAA Greg Larson rhp Florida
30 918 COL John Curtiss [c] rhp Carroll HS - Southlake, TX (Texas signee)
921 CWS Brandon Parrent [s] lhp Texas A&M
31 933 SEA Kyle Hunter [s] lhp Kansas State
943 FLA Kenny Jackson [s] 3b Texas A&M
957 SF Phil McCormick [s] lhp Missouri
33 1002 NYM Tyson Seng [s] rhp Oklahoma
1009 TOR Kramer Champlin [s] rhp Arizona State
34 1035 LAA Andy Workman [s] of Arizona State
1045 CIN Bryson Smith [s] of Florida
35 1071 CWS Joseph Dvorsky [s] 1b Texas State
36 1090 HOU Kevin Gonzalez [s] c Texas A&M
37 1120 HOU Steve Martin [s] rhp Texas A&M
1140 TB Tanner Poppe rhp Kansas
38 1150 HOU Brad Propst [s] rhp Oklahoma State
1154 LAD Devon Shines [s] of Oklahoma State
39 1174 ARI Chris Ellison [s] of Oklahoma
1179 CHC Ricky Jacquez [c] rhp Franklin HS - El Paso, TX (Texas signee)
41 1233 SEA Bobby Shore [s] rhp Oklahoma
1261 PHI Austin Dicharry [c] rhp Texas
42 1285 CIN Jacob Stallings c North Carolina
43 1320 TB Stayton Thomas [s] rhp Texas
45 1380 TB Kevin Lusson [c] c Texas
46 1387 WSH Tyler Thompson of Florida
1407 SF Elliott Blair [s] of Oklahoma
1409 NYY Conner Mach 3b Missouri
47 1420 HOU Zack Hardoin [s] lhp Missouri
50 1520 STL Tyler Sibley 2b Texas State

Additional notes:

[1] Jungmann was also drafted in 2008 (24th round, 739th overall, Angels); $2,525,000 bonus
[2] Stafford was also drafted in 2008 (40th round, 1222nd overall, Red Sox); returning to school
[3] Loy was also drafted in 2008 (32nd round, 956th overall, Orioles); $212,000 bonus
[4] DeSantiago played his freshman year at Texas in 2010; he was also drafted in 2009 (33rd round, 982nd overall, Nationals); $125,000 bonus
[5] Green was also drafted in 2010 (4th round, 133rd overall, Tigers) - so sorry to see his draft status drop but so happy he chose to play his Senior year out with the Horns! ($90,000 bonus)
[6] Shepherd was also drafted in 2010 (47th round, 1417th overall, Reds) - another player who stayed for his Senior year!
[7] Bundy signed for a $4M bonus.
[8] Swihart signed for a $2.5M bonus.
[9] Bell signed for a $5M bonus.
[10] Sadzeck signed for a $350,000 bonus.
[11] Dean signed for a $737,500 bonus.
[12] McKirahan signed for a $75,000 bonus.

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