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2010 MLB Amateur Draft Summary

The following list contains info from the 2010 MLB Amateur Draft that might be of interest to Texas or Big 12 fans. I've also included players from teams that we saw (or will see) in the Austin Regional and Super Regional. Please note that the position listed is the one the drafting team specifies...not necessarily the primary position played in school.

Last updated: August 17, 2010

Notes: [s] indicates the team and player have come to terms (signed); [c] indicates the player has elected to stay in (or go to) college; status of other players is unknown to me (updates appreciated). If you hear of any signings or draftees I might have missed, please drop me a line and I'll include the info along with proper attribution. Thanks.

Round Pick Club Name Pos School
1 6 ARI Barret Loux rhp Texas A&M [10]
19 HOU Mike Foltynewicz [s] rhp Minooka HS - Minooka, IL (Texas signee)
Comp. A 48 DET Chance Ruffin [s] rhp Texas
2 57 BOS Brandon Workman [s] rhp Texas [1]
76 COL Chad Bettis [s] rhp Texas Tech
3 83 WSH Rick Hague [s] ss Rice
105 SF Carter Jurica [s] ss Kansas State
108 PHI Cameron Rupp [s] c Texas [2]
4 123 HOU Bobby Doran [s] rhp Texas Tech
127 CIN Brodie Greene [s] cf Texas A&M
133 DET Cole Green [c] rhp Texas
6 185 OAK Tony Thompson [s] 3b Kansas
193 DET Bryan Holaday [s] c TCU
196 TEX Brett Nicholas [s] c Missouri
7 206 WSH Kevin Keyes [s] rf Texas [3]
8 239 BAL Michael Mariot [s] rhp Nebraska
9 286 TEX Zach Osborne [s] rhp Louisiana-Lafayette
289 STL Tyler Lyons [s] lhp Oklahoma State
10 301 ARI Kawika Emsley-Pai [s] c Lewis-Clark State (Texas transfer) [5]
317 FLA Aaron Senne [s] 1b Missouri
11 339 MIL Greg Holle [s] rhp TCU
12 375 MIN Steven Maxwell rhp TCU
13 393 HOU Davis Duren 2b Oklahoma State
401 TB Robbie Price [s] 2b Kansas
14 420 CLE Diego Seastrunk [s] c Rice
426 TOR Dayton Marze [s] rhp Louisiana-Lafayette
436 TEX Nick Tepesch [s] rhp Missouri
437 FLA Daniel Black [s] 2b Oklahoma
438 SF Raynor Campbell [s] if Baylor
16 477 PIT Matt Curry [s] 1b TCU
485 OAK Ryan Hughes [s] lhp Nebraska
501 PHI Craig Fritsch [s] rhp Baylor
17 527 FLA Zach Neal [s] rhp Oklahoma
531 PHI Mike Nesseth [s] rhp Nebraska
18 541 ARI Jimmy Comerota [s] 1b Rice
549 MIL Thomas Keeling [s] lhp Oklahoma State
550 CHC Brooks Pinckard [c] rhp Baylor
556 TEX Garrett Buechele [c] 3b Oklahoma
19 569 KC Kevin David [s] c Oklahoma State
20 621 WSH Chad Mozingo [s] rf Rice
618 SF Brett Bochy [s] rhp Kansas
21 626 WSH Connor Rowe [s] cf Texas
629 KC Michael Liberto [s] ss Missouri
22 656 WSH Cameron Selik [s] rhp Kansas
661 ARI Jeremy Erben [s] rhp Oklahoma
665 OAK Mike Strong lhp Oklahoma State
23 693 HOU Adam Bailey [s] of Nebraska
24 716 WSH Russell Moldenhauer [s] 1b Texas [4]
733 DET Tyler Clark [s] rhp Missouri
737 FLA Gregg Glime [s] c Baylor
743 BOS Sean Yost rhp Nebraska
25 767 FLA Mike Ojala [s] rhp Rice
773 BOS Tyler Lockwood [s] rhp TCU
26 786 TOR Jay Johnson [s] lhp Texas Tech
27 822 SEA Nick Fleece rhp Texas A&M
824 ATL Willie Kempf [s] rhp Baylor
831 MIN Mark Payton of St. Rita HS - Orland Park, IL (Texas signee) [9]
28 843 HOU Jason Chowning [s] rhp Oklahoma
857 FLA Chad Keefer c Louisiana-Lafayette
29 870 CLE Kirby Bellow lhp Nederland HS - Nederland, TX (Texas signee)
877 CIN Adam Muenster [s] 3b Kansas State
30 922 LAD Shawn Tolleson [s] rhp Baylor
31 926 WSH Jeremy Mayo [s] c Texas Tech
931 ARI Steven Sultzbaugh of Rice
933 HOU Travis Blankenship [s] lhp Kansas
34 1028 CWS Dusty Harvard [s] cf Oklahoma State
36 1097 FLA Jared Rogers [s] rhp Rice
38 1143 HOU Ryan Ford 1b Plano West HS - Plano, TX (Texas signee) [6]
41 1230 CLE Brian Heere [s] rf Kansas
42 1263 HOU Paul Gerrish [s] rhp TCU
1268 CWS Brett Bruening [s] rhp Texas Tech
43 1291 ARI Tom Belza [s] 2b Olkahoma State
1301 TB Ryan Hornback c San Jacinto College North (Texas signee) [8]
1315 NYY Kyle Hunter lhp Kansas State
47 1417 CIN Tant Shepherd [c] 1b Texas
1420 CHC Clayton Crum rhp Klein HS - Spring, TX (Texas signee) [7]
50 1505 OAK Thomas Walz rhp Kansas
1507 CIN Dex Kjerstad cf Randall HS - Canyon, TX (Texas signee)
1516 TEX Trevor Teykl rhp Kempner HS - Fort Bend, TX (Texas signee)

Undrafted players who've signed:

Additional notes:

[1] Workman was also drafted in 2007 (3rd round, 107th overall, Phillies)
[2] Rupp was also drafted in 2007 (43rd round, 1273rd overall, Pirates)
[3] Keyes was also drafted in 2007 (26th round, 800th overall, Rangers)
[4] Moldenhauer was also drafted in 2006 (3rd round, 102nd overall, Angels)
[5] I missed Emsley-Pai's name during the original draft but saw him listed as signing with Arizona a week later. He played (14 appearances) at Texas two seasons ago as a freshman before transferring to Lewis-Clark State in Idaho.
[6] 'Got email on June 24 from Reynolds Shelton pointing to this blog post that says Ryan Ford committed to play at Texas on June 14th. 'Have not seen his name mentioned elsewhere. Thanks, Reynolds.
[7] Late signee: Crum signs with UT baseball team (HT: Donald Boyles)
[8] I saw somewhere (Twitter I think but now I can't find it) that Ryan had decided against signing with the Rays...but also that he'd return to San Jacinto rather than come to Texas. 'Guess we'll see.
[9] Another late signee: St. Rita's Payton decides to join Longhorns. (Another link: St. Rita baseball player Mark Payton commits to Texas, HT: Donald Boyles for second story). Interestingly, both stories say he was drafted in the 31st round but it was the 27th. Hmmm...
[10] The Diamondbacks have decided not to sign Loux leaving him up in the air. I think the MLB should give him a waiver and let another interested team sign him. A couple of articles: D'backs rescind deal with first pick Loux, Loux is a victim of draft compensation rule. Loux was granted free-agency on Aug. 17th.

Check out MLB Draft Central for full draft coverage and analysis. Also available: MLB's First-Year Player Draft History database.

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