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2009 MLB Amateur Draft Summary

The following list contains info from the 2009 MLB Amateur Draft that might be of interest to Texas or Big 12 fans. I've also included players from teams that we saw in the Austin Regional and Super Regional. Updated to add players from teams we faced at the CWS.

Last updated: July 1, 2010

Notes: [s] indicates the team and player have come to terms (signed); [c] indicates the player has elected to stay in (or go to) college; status of other players is unknown to me (updates appreciated). If you hear of any signings or draftees I might have missed, please drop me a line and I'll include the info along with proper attribution. Thanks.

Round Pick Club Name Pos School
1 4 PIT Tony Sanchez [s] c Boston College
8 CIN Mike Leake [s] rhp Arizona State
12 KC Aaron Crow [s] rhp No school [1]
22 MIN Kyle Gibson [s] rhp Missouri
23 CWS Jared Mitchell [s] of LSU
1-supp 36 LAD Aaron Miller [s] lhp Baylor
42 LAA Garrett Richards [s] rhp Oklahoma
45 ARI Mike Belfiore [s] lhp Boston College
2 52 SD Everett Williams [s] cf McCallum HS (Texas signee)
58 DET Andy Oliver [s] lhp Oklahoma State
63 CLE Jason Kipnis [s] of Arizona State
77 BOS Alex Wilson [s] rhp Texas A&M
79 CHC DJ LeMahieu [s] 2b LSU
3 105 MIL Josh Prince [s] ss Tulane (Texas transfer) [2]
110 LAA Josh Spence [c] lhp Arizona State
4 112 WSH A.J. Morris [s] rhp Kansas State
124 TEX Andrew Doyle [s] rhp Oklahoma
5 143 SEA Tyler Blandford [s] rhp Oklahoma State
147 SF Brandon Belt [s] 1b Texas
150 DET Austin Wood [s] lhp Texas
152 KC Louis Coleman [s] rhp LSU
157 LAD J.T. Wise [s] c Oklahoma
160 TOR Ryan Schimpf [s] 2b LSU
6 173 SEA Shaver Hansen [s] 3b Baylor
188 FLA Dustin Dickerson [s] 1b Baylor
200 CHC Brooks Raley [s] lhp Texas A&M
7 210 DET Jamie Johnson [s] cf Oklahoma
8 235 PIT Colton Cain [s] lhp Waxahachie HS (Texas signee) [6]
240 DET Craig Fritsch [c] rhp Baylor
246 ARI Paul Goldschmidt [s] 1b Texas State
252 MIN Brian Dozier [s] ss Southern Miss
261 LAA Carlos Ramirez [s] c Arizona State
9 263 SEA Trevor Coleman [s] c Missouri
265 PIT Brock Holt [s] 2b Rice
266 BAL Ryan Berry [s] rhp Rice
272 KC Ben Theriot [s] c Texas State
276 ARI Chase Anderson [s] rhp Oklahoma
277 LAD Bryant Hernandez [s] ss Oklahoma
288 BOS Kendal Volz [s] rhp Baylor
10 296 BAL Jacob Cowan [s] rhp San Jacinto College (Texas signee)
312 MIN Blake Dean [c] of LSU
315 NYY Tyler Lyons [c] lhp Oklahoma State
11 322 WSH Justin Bloxom [s] lf Kansas State
325 PIT Aaron Baker [s] 1b Oklahoma
340 TOR Sean Ochinko [s] c LSU
343 CWS J.R. Ballinger [s] rhp Southern Miss
345 NYY Neil Medchill [s] lf Oklahoma State
12 352 WSH Nate Karns [s] rhp Texas Tech
373 CWS Kyle Colligan [s] cf Texas A&M
374 NYM James Ewing [s] 2b Southern Miss
380 CHC Runey Davis [s] of Howard College (Texas transfer) [3]
13 384 SD Matt Vern [s] 1b TCU
399 STL Matt Carpenter [s] 3b TCU
15 456 ARI David Narodowski [s] ss Kansas
471 LAA Michael Nesseth [c] rhp Nebraska
17 527 PHI Michael Dabbs [s] of Oklahoma State
18 537 SF Jonathan Walsh [c] of Coppell HS (Texas signee) [4]
551 HOU J.B. MacDonald [s] rhp Boston College
19 565 PIT Josh Urban [c] rhp Dripping Springs HS (Texas signee)
591 LAA Adam Hornung of Baylor
20 615 NYY Thomas Keeling lhp Oklahoma State
21 638 FLA A.J. Ramos [s] rhp Texas Tech
641 HOU Barry Butera [s] 2b Boston College
642 MIN Kane Holbrooks [s] rhp Texas State
643 CWS Jared McDonald [s] ss Arizona State
22 657 SF Drew Biery [s] 3b Kansas State
23 689 CIN Chris Richburg [s] 1b Texas Tech
24 733 CWS Jeff Tezak [s] 2b Nebraska
714 SD Bo Davis [s] of Southern Miss
25 765 NYY Shaeffer Hall [s] lhp Kansas
771 LAA Michael Demperio [s] 2b Georgia (Texas transfer) [5]
26 785 CLE Antwonie Hubbard [s] rhp Oklahoma
790 TOR Lance Loftin [s] rhp Texas State
793 CWS Matt Harughty [s] 2b Oklahoma
27 807 SF Kyle Mach [s] 3b Missouri
30 913 CWS Rob Vaughn [s] c Kansas State
31 927 SF Diego Seastrunk [c] c Rice
935 CLE Raynor Campbell [c] 3b Baylor
32 957 CWS Luke Anders [s] 1b Texas A&M
972 MIN Aaron Senne [c] rf Missouri
976 MIL Chris Ellington [s] rf TCU
981 LAA Raoul Torrez [c] 2b Arizona State
33 982 WSH Nick De Santiago [c] c Hays HS in Kyle (Texas signee)
34 1023 OAK Dylan Brown cf Oklahoma State
1031 HOU Scott Migl [s] rhp Texas A&M
1036 MIL Michael Ojala [c] rhp Rice
35 1053 OAK Paul Smyth [s] rhp Kansas
1070 CHC Kevin David [c] c Oklahoma State
36 1094 NYM Lance Hoge [s] lhp Kansas State
37 1107 SF Ryan Lollis [s] rf Missouri
1127 PHI Brodie Greene [c] 2b Texas A&M
38 1155 NYY Adam Bailey [c] rf Nebraska
39 1165 PIT Keifer Nuncio [c] rhp Katy HS (Texas signee)
40 1205 CLE Greg Folgia [s] ss Missouri
41 1246 MIL Steven Sultzbaugh [c] cf Rice
43 1282 WSH Cohl Walla [c] rhp Lake Travis HS (Texas signee)
44 1312 WSH Hoby Milner [c] lhp Paschal HS (Texas signee)
48 1458 BOS Brian Heere [c] rf Kansas

Undrafted players who've signed:

Additional notes:

[1] Aaron Crow was the #9 overall draft pick out of Missouri last year (drafted by the Nationals) but did not sign. He played independent league ball with the Ft. Worth Cats as he remained unsigned. He dropped three spots in this year's draft.
[2] Josh Prince, younger brother of Dooley Prince, played his freshman year (2007) at Texas and transferred to Tulane during the off-season. In 2009 he paced the Green Wave with a .353 batting average and .467 on-base percentage. He started all 59 games Tulane played this year.
[3] Runey Davis played his freshman year (last year, 2008) at UT and then transferred to Howard College. I'd been wondering where he'd gone.
[4] Walsh is listed as an outfielder on the MLB draft page but he plays catcher on the Coppell varsity squad.
[5] Like Josh Prince (above), Demperio played at UT his freshman year (2007) and then transferred to a school closer to home.
[6] Signing bonus: $1.125M. Wow. About a million over the slot allowance set by MLB. No surprise he decided to forego Texas.

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