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2008 MLB Amateur Draft Summary

The following list contains info from the 2008 MLB Amateur Draft that might be of interest to Texas, Big 12, or SWC fans. I will also include players from teams that we saw in Houston at the Houston Regional.

Last updated: October 15, 2008

Notes: [s] indicates the team and player have come to terms (signed); [c] indicates the player has elected to stay in (or go to) college; status of other players is unknown to me (updates appreciated). If you hear of any signings or draftees I might have missed, please drop me a line and I'll include the info along with proper attribution. Thanks.

Round Pick Club Name Pos School
1 9 WAS Aaron Crow rhp Missouri
19 CHC Andrew Cashner [s] rhp TCU
1-supp 45 BOS Bryan Price [s] rhp Rice
46 SD Logan Forsythe [s] 3b Arkansas
3 79 PIT Jordy Mercer [s] rhp/ss Oklahoma State
82 SF Roger Kieschnick [s] rf Texas Tech
84 CIN Zachary Stewart [s] rhp Texas Tech
93 LAD Kyle Russell [s] [1] rf Texas
98 SEA Aaron Pribanic [s] rhp Nebraska
6 174 PIT Robbie Grossman [s] cf Cy-Fair HS - Cypress, TX (Texas signee)
176 BAL Rick Zagone [s] lhp Missouri
188 MIL Jose Duran [s] ss Texas A&M
7 210 CWS Jordan Danks [s] [2] cf Texas
217 LAD Cole St. Clair [s] lhp Rice
221 CHC Luiz Flores [s] c Oklahoma State
222 SEA Nate Tenbrink [s] 3b Kansas State
225 SD Adam Zornes [s] c Rice
8 237 SF Scott Barnes [s] lhp St. Johns
251 CHC James Leverton [s] lhp Texas Tech
255 SD Beamer Weems [s] ss Baylor
9 264 PIT Matt Hague [s] 3b Oklahoma State
268 FLA Dan Jennings [s] lhp Nebraska
275 STL Aaron Luna [s] lf Rice
285 SD Kyle Thebeau rhp Texas A&M
10 311 CHC Alex Wilson rhp Texas A&M
313 DET Robbie Weinhardt [s] rhp Oklahoma State
321 CLE Donnie Webb [s] cf Oklahoma State
11 332 HOU Jacob Priday [s] rf Missouri
333 TEX Cliff Springston [s] lhp Arkansas
347 COL Kyle Walker [s] lhp Texas
351 CLE Matt Langwell [s] rhp Rice
12 371 CHC Jake Opitz [s] 2b Nebraska
372 SEA Kenn Kasparek [s] [3] rhp Texas
13 391 WSH Blake Stouffer [s] 2b Texas A&M
403 DET Jared Gayhart [s] rhp Rice
14 423 TEX Justin Gutsie [s] rhp St. Johns
15 448 FLA Johnny Dorn [s] rhp Nebraska
16 493 DET Thad Weber [s] rhp Nebraska
500 NYY Luke Anders 1b Texas A&M
18 549 TOR Bobby Bell [s] rhp Rice
19 569 CIN Mace Thurman [s] lhp Baylor
590 NYY Mitch Abeita [s] c Nebraska
21 638 MIL Lucas Luetge [s] lhp Rice
22 658 FLA Jared Yecker [s] rhp St. Johns
659 CIN Byron Wiley [s] cf Kansas State
663 TEX Trevor Hurley [s] rhp Kansas State
670 ATL Bryan (Dane) Carter 3b Texas A&M
23 697 LAD Brian Ruggiano [s] 2b Texas A&M
703 DET Michael Gosse [s] 2b Oklahoma
712 BOS Seth Garrison [s] rhp TCU
24 717 SF Wes Musick lhp Houston
721 WSH Chris Kelley [s] rhp Rice
25 761 CHC Rebel Ridling [s] 1b Oklahoma State
766 PHI Daniel Edwards rhp Kansas State
770 NYY Jeff Nutt [s] c Arkansas
26 777 SF Ryan Lormand [s] 2b Houston
27 810 CWS Doug Thennis [s] 1b Texas Tech
815 STL George Brown [s] lhp St. Johns
819 TOR Bryan Kervin [s] ss TCU
825 SD Aaron Murphree [s] rf Arkansas
827 COL Tim Matthews [s] rhp Baylor
832 BOS Hunter Cervenka [s] lhp Sterling HS - Baytown, TX (Texas signee)
29 874 OAK Justin Murray [s] rhp Kansas State
877 LAD Jonathan Runnels [s] lhp Rice
883 DET Keith Stein [s] cf Sam Houston State
30 901 WSH Casey Whitmer [s] [4] rhp Texas
909 TOR Cody Dunbar [s] rhp TCU
915 SD Bobby Verbick [s] of Sam Houston State
32 956 BAL Brandon Loy [c] ss Rowlett HS - Garland, TX (Texas signee)
964 OAK Ben Hornbeck [s] lhp Kansas State
965 STL Sam Freeman [s] lhp Kansas
971 CHC Kurt Calvert [s] cf Missouri
33 987 SF Ryne Price [s] lf Kansas
1004 NYM Neil Medchill lf Oklahoma State
34 1033 DET Bryan Pounds [s] 3b Houston
35 1062 SEA Nick Czyz [s] lhp Kansas
37 1109 CIN Randall Linebaugh [s] rhp Baylor
1112 HOU Kirkland Rivers [s] rhp Texas A&M
1123 DET Nick Cassavechia [s] rhp Baylor
38 1152 SEA Andres Esquibel [s] rhp Kansas
1155 SD Zach Herr [s] lhp Nebraska
40 1215 SD Colin Lynch [s] rhp St. Johns
1222 BOS Sam Stafford [c] lhp Klein Collins HS - Spring, TX (Texas signee)
42 1266 MIN Riley Boening [c] [4] lhp Texas
44 1321 WSH J.P. Padron [s] 1b Rice
46 1377 CWS Lee Fischer [s] ss Missouri
1380 TEX Erik Morrison [s] ss Kansas
1391 COL Jimmy Cesario [s] 2b Houston
48 1425 PIT Owen Brolsma [s] rhp Texas Tech

Additional notes:

[1] Kyle Russell was drafted in the 4th round (142nd overall) in last year's draft.
[2] Jordan Danks was drafted in the 19th round (575th overall) out of highschool in 2005, also by the White Sox.
[3] Kenn Kasparek was drafted in the 34th round (1027th overall) in last year's draft.
[4] Casey Whitmer and Riley Boening are draft-eligible sophomores, having turned 21 before the draft.

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