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2007 MLB Amateur Draft Summary

The following list contains info from the 2007 MLB Amateur Draft that might be of interest to Texas, Big 12, or SWC fans. I also included players from teams that were here in Austin for the Austin Regional.

Last updated: September 5, 2007

Notes: [s] indicates the team and player have come to terms (signed); [c] indicates the player has elected to stay in (or go to) college; status of other players is unknown to me (updates appreciated). If you hear of any signings or draftees I might have missed, please drop me a line and I'll include the info along with proper attribution. Thanks.

Round Pick Club Name Pos School
1 19 PHI Joe Savery [s] lhp Rice
Comp A 43 NYG Jackson Williams [s] c Oklahoma
52 SEA Matt Mangini [s] 3b Oklahoma State
59 OAK Corey Brown [s] rf Oklahoma State
3 98 PIT Brian Friday [s] ss Rice
99 NYM Eric Niesen [s] lhp Wake Forest
107 PHI Brandon Workman [c] rhp Bowie HS (Texas signee)
108 ATL Brandon Hicks [s] ss Texas A&M
120 OAK Sam Demel [s] rhp TCU
4 125 TB David Newmann [s] lhp Texas A&M
136 FLA Bryan Petersen [s] of UC Irvine
139 CIN Blake Stouffer [c] 3b/of Texas A&M
142 STL Kyle Russell [c] of Texas
143 PHI Tyler Mach [s] 3b Oklahoma State
154 NYY Bradley Suttle [s] 3b Texas
5 158 PIT Andrew Walker [s] c TCU
159 BAL Jake Arrieta [s] rhp TCU
164 SF Chance Corgan [s] rhp TCU
165 SEA Joe Dunigan [s] of Oklahoma
169 CIN Andrew Bowman [s] lhp Nebraska
6 188 PIT Matthew Foust [s] rhp Nebraska
7 217 CHC Ty Wright [s] of Oklahoma State
224 SF Kyle Nicholson [s] rhp Texas A&M
227 CLE Cole St. Clair [c] lhp Rice
235 TOR Randy Boone [1, *] rhp Texas
241 DET Devin Thomas [s] c Brown
8 250 WAS Adrian Alaniz [s] [2] rhp Texas
262 STL Tyler Henley [s] cf Rice
272 MIN Daniel Lehmann [s] c Rice
274 NYY Taylor Grote [s] cf The Woodlands HS (Texas signee)
9 275 TB Cody Cipriano [s] 2b UC Irvine
278 PIT Anthony Watson [s] lhp Nebraska
285 SEA Aaron Brown [s] rhp Houston
10 313 ARI Evan Frey [s] cf Missouri
317 CLE Brandon Taylor [s] lhp Oklahoma
332 MIN Blair Erickson [s] rhp UC Irvine
11 338 PIT Runey Davis [c] cf Georgetown HS (Texas signee)
343 ARI Joshua Ellis [s] rhp Wake Forest
348 ATL Brandon Belt [c] lhp Jan Jacinto JC (Texas signee)
12 370 WAS Craig Stinson [s] c Texas A&M
371 MIL Wes Etheridge [s] rhp UC Irvine
377 CLE Garrison Campfield [s] rhp Texas A&M
13 413 PHI Luke Wertz [s] rhp Nebraska
420 OAK Justin Friend [s] rhp Oklahoma State
14 427 CHC James Russell [s] lhp Texas
439 CIN Joseph Krebs [s] lhp Texas
447 SD Keith Conlon [s] cf TCU
450 OAK Matt Smith [s] c Texas Tech
16 487 CHC Zachary Ashwood [s] lhp Kansas
494 SF Steven Edlefsen [s] rhp Nebraska
17 523 ARI Chance Wheeless [s] 1b Texas
527 CLE Miles Morgan [c] rhp Texas Tech
18 551 MIL Bobby Bramhall [s] lhp Rice
562 STL Andrew Brown [s] rf Nebraska
19 580 WAS Jeff Mandel [s] rhp Baylor
590 TEX Kyle Murphy [s] cf Kansas
592 STL Nick Peoples [s] [3] 2b Texas
604 NYY Taylor Holiday [s] of UC Irvine
20 634 NYY Ryan Wehrle [s] ss Nebraska
21 654 BOS Aaron Reza [s] ss Oklahoma
655 TOR Cody Dunbar rhp TCU
660 OAK Stephen Porlier [c] rhp Oklahoma
22 674 SF Oliver Odle [s] rhp Oklahoma State
693 NYM Tyler Vaughn [s] 3b UC Irvine
23 719 CHW Charles Shirek [s] rhp Nebraska
724 NYY Matthew Morris [s] cf UC Irvine
24 734 SF Brock Bond [s] 2b Missouri
737 CLE Adam Zornes c Rice
749 LAD Parker Dalton [s] ss Texas A&M
25 758 PIT Keanen Simon [s] cf Oklahoma State
774 BOS Seth Garrison rhp TCU
26 791 MIL Benjamin Feltner [c] lf Texas A&M
800 TEX Kevin Keyes [c] rf Connally HS (Texas signee)
813 NYM Bradley Burns [s] rhp Oklahoma
27 827 CLE Daniel Edwards [*] rhp Kansas State
29 876 KC Kyle Martin [s] ss Texas Tech
895 TOR Jonathan Runnels lhp Rice
30 927 SD Dylan Axelrod [s] rhp UC Irvine
31 956 SD Colt Hynes [s] lhp Texas Tech
32 984 LAD Matt Gardner [*] rhp Oklahoma State
33 995 CHC Preston Clark [c] c Texas
1010 STL Josh Fritsche [s] lhp Oklahoma State
34 1027 WAS Kenn Kasparek [c] [4] rhp Texas
1030 ARI Christopher Kelley rhp Rice
1046 OAK Ryne Tacker [*] rhp Rice
35 1065 CIN Thad Weber [c] rhp Nebraska
36 1085 WAS Martin Beno [s] rhp Oklahoma State
37 1127 BOS Scott Lonergan [s] rhp Rice
38 1152 HOU Robert Weinhardt [c] rhp Oklahoma State
39 1172 ARI Eli Rumler [s] ss Kansas State
40 1196 BAL Aaron Odom [s] lhp Texas Tech
43 1272 CHC Garrett Clyde [c] rhp San Jacinto College (Texas signee)
1273 PIT Cameron Rupp [c] c Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano (Texas signee)
44 1303 COL Chad Lembeck [s] of Rice
45 1327 WAS Travis Reagan [s] c Rice
1330 ARI Garrett Bullock [c] lhp Wake Forest
1332 SEA Clay Van Hook [5] 2b Texas
46 1358 CLE Brock Simpson [s] rf Kansas
48 1396 WAS Kyle Gunderson [s] rhp Rice
49 1415 PIT Erik Morrison [c] ss Kansas
50 1446 CIN Jordan Chambless rhp Texas A&M

[1] Randy Boone was drafted in the 38th round by Minnesota last year.
[2] Adrian Alaniz was drafted in the 36th round by St. Louis last year.
[3] Nick Peoples was apparently drafted as a second baseman.
[4] Kenn Kasparek did not play this year; he was recovering from Tommy John surgery.
[5] Clay Van Hook elected to continue his education at UT and has joined the Longhorns coaching staff as a student assistant coach for the 2008 season.
[*] College senior not eligible to continue playing in college for 2008 season; signing status unknown.

Also of note: un-drafted Texas Longhorns seniors Chais Fuller and Brett Lewis signed free-agent contracts; Chais with the Braves and Brett with the Red Sox.

Check out the Major League Baseball page for more draft info.

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