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Alumni Game - January 27, 2007

'Took my camera to the Dell Diamond for the 2007 Alumni game and snapped rather more than a few photos. The '07 squad won the game. It was a good day, all around. And, here are some of the photos.

Channel 42 interviews Austin Wood before the game starts:

The alumni stopped to sign autographs as they walked toward the 3b dugout:

(J. D. Reininger, Brandon Fahey, Phil Seibel, and Brantley Jordon)

(Beau Hale, Ryan Hubele, and Scott Dunn)

Curtis Thigpen signing autographs as Taylor Teagarden exits the dugout:

Curtis did something very entertaining. He set up shop at the end of the dugout and signed autographs for a very long time. The crowd around him grew and he actually started handing out stuff from his duffel bag to the folks in the crowd. At one point, I saw him toss a pair of sweat pants (or maybe they were uniform pants) into the crowd. He seems like such a nice guy.

Phil Seibel came over to "our" dugout to get something (that's Curtis in the background):

Curtis smiles for the cameras:

Stretching out and warming up:

(Scott Dunn, Ryan Hubele, Beau Hale (maybe?), Taylor Teagarden,
Brandon Fahey, J. D. Reininger, and Brantley Jordon (maybe?))

More signing of autographs:

(Carson Kainer, Kyle McCulloch, and David Maroul)

Arms waving in the air:

Huston Street heads out of the dugout:

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