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Alumni Game - Jan. 29, 2005

(Scroll down for photos.)

I debated quite a bit about going to the game today. It was cold. And, I've got a lot of stuff I need to get done in the next few days so wasn't really sure I "should" take time to go. I did go, though, and am glad about it. I had a great time. Despite the cold. Brrrrrrr...

Here's the Alumni roster as listed on the TexasSports site:

Scott Dunn       RHP  Anaheim Angels           Tommy Nicholson     INF  Chicago White Sox
Brandon Fahey    INF  Baltimore Orioles        Jeff Ontiveros     1B/C  Boston Red Sox
Ryan France      RHP  Houston Astros           Spike Owen        Coach  Round Rock Express
Matt Goodson     RHP  Boston Red Sox           Omar Quintanilla    INF  Oakland Athletics
Beau Hale        RHP  Baltimore Orioles        Stephen Randolph    LHP  Chicago Cubs
Brad Halsey      LHP  Arizona Diamondbacks     J.D. Reininger      INF  Cincinnati Reds
J.P. Howell      LHP  Kansas City Royals       Ryan Russ            OF  Los Angeles Dodgers
Ryan Hubele        C  Baltimore Orioles        Justin Simmons      LHP  Los Angeles Dodgers
Brantley Jordan  LHP  St. Louis Cardinals      Josh Smith          RHP  New York Yankees
Dustin Majewski   OF  Oakland Athletics        Huston Street       RHP  Oakland Athletics
Jesen Merle      RHP  Edinburg Roadrunners     Eric Sultemeier      OF  Baltimore Orioles
Tim Moss         INF  Philadelphia Phillies    Curtis Thigpen     C/1B  Toronto Blue Jays
Danny Muegge     RHP  Los Angeles Dodgers      Todd West           INF  Cleveland Indians
Calvin Murray     OF  Chicago Cubs             Kyle Yates          RHP  Toronto Blue Jays

Everyone on the list played except for Ryan France, Beau Hale, Danny Muegge, J.D. Reininger, and Curtis Thigpen. I think they were all suited up so no idea why they didn't play. Well, I think Hale's been hurt but don't know about the rest. I also didn't see Matt Goodson so am not sure he was there. As for the current roster, LeCure, Harris, and Hinshaw did not suit up. Again, no idea what's up with that.

I missed the pre-game festivities and autograph session. 'Got to Disch-Falk just in time for the intros. The line went like so:

Texas   0 0 2   0 1 0   0 1 0  -  4 12 0
Alumni  0 0 0   0 0 0   0 0 0  -  0  4 0

Some of those hits for the current squad were actually errors but the official scorer was apparently feeling rather generous and scored an error-less game. The alumni started with Majewski (rf), Murray (cf), Sultemeier (lf), Ontiveros (1b), Moss (2b), Quintanilla (ss), Nicholson (3b), and Hubele (c) in the field. Fahey was the dh and Halsey started on the mound. Texas started with Beamon (rf), Stubbs (cf), Kainer (lf), Crouch (1b), Hudson (2b), Johnston (ss), Maroul (3b), and Teagarden (c) in the field. Prince was the dh and McCulloch started on the mound.

The game was rather uneventful, for the most part, but it looked like everyone had a really good time. Things went as follows (note that substitutions and what not tend to not strictly follow the "letter of the law" with respect to the rules for the Alumni game):

I had a great time and am really glad I made it out to the game. The acting job Jesen Merle did when Spike came out to relieve him in the top of the 9th was very entertaining.

I took my camera and snapped quite a few photos. Here's a sampling...

Shot of the crowd waiting for the game to start

Brad Halsey watches Debbie Clemens throw out the ceremonial first pitch

The Alumni team watching as the current team is being introduced. From left to right: Yates, West, Thigpen, Street, Sultemeier, Smith, Simmons, Russ, Reininger, Randolph, Ontiveros, Quintanilla, Nicholson, Murray, Mugge, Moss, Merle, Majewski, Jordon, Hubele, Howell, Halsey, Hale, France, Fahey, Dunn, and Owens.

Brad Halsey on the mound

Omar Quintanilla at the plate

Nicholson at 3b; Quintanilla at ss; Murray in cf

Moss at 2b; Randolf on the mound; Majewski in rf; Ontiveros at 1b

Curtis Thigpen heading out to coach 1b

Majewski and Crouch at 1b

Scott Dunn on the mound

The Street brothers getting their picture taken

J.P. Howell on the mound

Jeff Ontiveros looking to Owens at 3b

Justin Simmons on the mound

Even when they can get in for free, some folks just wanna watch from the outfield

Brantley Jordon watches as Brandon Fahey catches a pop fly

Ryan Russ at the plate

Kyle Yates on the mound

Josh Smith on the mound

Jesen Merle and Ryan Hubele watch as Spike Owens motions for Street to come in

Huston Street on the mound

The teams shake hands at the conclussion of the game

They Eyes of Texas are Upon You!

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