From today's report:

2300 Guadalupe
Reckless Driving - Racing: Two vehicles were observed stopped at a red light. When the light turned green, both vehicles accelerated to a high rate of speed. One of the vehicles slowed when they reached approximately 40 MPH. The other continued to accelerate to a speed nearing 70 MPH. The non-UT driver of the "winning" vehicle admitted to have been trying to out accelerate the driver of the other vehicle. That subject took his victory lap in the back of a squad car. Occurred on 03/27/14 at 2:17 AM.

70 MPH on the Drag? What an idiot. Truly.

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From today's report:

Norman Hackerman Building
Theft: A brown leather wallet containing $2,313 in cash, three forms of identification cards and a debit card was stolen after it was left in a 1st floor men's restroom stall. Loss value: $2,318.00. Occurred on 02/20/14 between 1:30 PM and 1:35 PM.

Huh. It's rather amazing to me that someone would carry that amount of cash around with them these days. Also interesting that he knew exactly how much cash he had. It's a very specific amount. I could not be that accurate with the cash in my pocket right this moment. It is a lot less, though.

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From yesterday's report:

Main Building
Burglary: Multiple new Apple MacBooks were stolen from a secured 1st floor storage area. Loss value: $54,947.00. Occurred between 02/13/14 at 5:00 AM and 02/14/14 at 07:00 AM.


(Apologies, once again, for the fact that the only time I'm inspired to post here anymore is to post this sort of thing. I really should work on changing that, eh?)

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From today's report:

O'Henry Hall
Criminal Trespass Warning: UT Police responded to a report of a sleeping subject at O'Henry Hall. The subject was located and awoken from a deep sleep. The subject stated that he fell asleep while daydreaming of unicorns and butterflies. Officers issued the subject a Criminal Trespass Warning and escorted him off the property. Occurred on: 06-27-13, at 11:32 AM.

He was daydreaming of unicorns and butterflies. Of course he was.

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From yesterday's report:

Disch-Falk Field
Possession of Alcohol by a Minor / Fictitious License: A UT Police Officer observed a UT student, standing in line, pick up his pant leg and conceal a metal flask in his boot. The student was very surprised when the officer stopped him as he was entering into the stadium. The student removed the flask from his boot and handed it to the officer. The flask contained.....alcohol. The student admitted his was under the legal age of 21. As he was handing the officer his ID card, the student attempted to conceal his counterfeit DL. The counterfeit DL was confiscated. The student was ejected from the stadium and referred to the Dean of Student's Office. Occurred on: 2-15-13, at 6:15 PM.

Tsk tsk tsk. I like the part where the student was surprised. Heh.

And, from today's report:

Jester West Dormitory
Assault / Robbery: A UT student approached another UT student and attempted to take a package away from him. The suspect then assaulted the victim and a fight ensued. Several witnesses notified the UT Police Department. Officers arrived and separated the students and learned the victim had just received a package and was attacked. The suspect informed the officers he was mad because he had not been able to take a test for class. As the investigation continued, the officers learned from a staff member the suspect had been involved several acts of Criminal Mischief. The suspect was taken into custody for Robbery and Assault and transported to Central Booking. Occurred on: 2-19-13, at 3:33 PM.

Is this a thing now? Missing tests and going a bit berserk? (See my update on Campus Watch #64 for additional context.)

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This is just odd:

Jester West Dormitory
Theft: A UT student reported a naked male entered the 6th floor bathroom and wrapped the victim's towel around himself then attempted to leave the area. The victim yelled at the subject to return his towel, which he did. When the victim finished showering, he discovered his keys, shorts, and tee-shirt had been stolen. A second student discovered his clothes and key to his room had also been stolen. The unknown subject was described as: Hispanic male, 5'-06", short black hair, thin build, and clean shaven. No clothing description was available. Loss value: $16.00. Occurred on: 2-09-13, at 3:25 AM.

I'm guessing the naked male was kicked out of someone else's room and he needed to make a getaway?

- + - + -

And, more oddness:

Robert A. Welch Hall (the "chemistry" building)
Criminal Mischief: An unknown subject entered a 1st floor classroom wanting to take a test with only 5 minutes left. When denied his request, the subject stated he could finish the test in the allotted time. Again he was denied and asked to leave. The subject left, but walked through a glass door. A staff member heard the sound breaking glass. Estimated repair: $500.00. Occurred on: 2-08-13, at 3:43 PM.

Just 5 minutes...that's all he needed!

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Been thinking about my grandmother a lot today. If she were still around, today would've been her 96th birthday. I miss you, Grandma. So much. Hugs...

(Here's something I wrote when she died.)

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Aside. I actually reported some "suspicious" activity to the campus police a couple of weeks ago. "What was it?" you ask. I'll tell you. I saw a group of four college-age boys pushing a very large (probably about 40-inch) crt-style television along the sidewalk. It was attached to a cabinet with small caster-type wheels and very nearly fell over a couple of times. This was the day of the campus-clearing bomb threat and I thought it quite possible that these young men had come across the television in a quickly-vacated conference room and had taken the opportunity to snag it and take it to a party-ready location. It would seem that they could prove ownership of some sort to the authorities (or authorized possession, at any rate), though, since the incident did not make an appearance in the Campus Watch. Which is good. For them. But somewhat sad. For us. I was looking forward to reading their story.

Anyway. On to today's story...

100 Block East Dean Keeton (Very near my office and the site of the aforementioned incident!)
Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor / Evading Arrest: A UT Police Officer observed a UT student staggering and stumbling behind a retaining wall. When the student saw the marked police vehicle, she tried to run in the opposite direction to no avail. The officer drove around the block and discovered the female student slumped on the ground attempting to belly-crawl under a rail. The officer detected a strong odor of alcohol on the student's breath and learned she was coming from the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house. The officer learned the student was under the legal age of 21 and was issued a court appearance citation for Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor. The student informed the officer that her big sisters from her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, had taught her to run away from the police so she could avoid getting into trouble. Occurred on: 9-22-12, at 1:21 AM.

Ahem. A frat and a sorority both in trouble in one little bity incident. Good for those big sisters, eh? Solid advice to their young charge. Not to mention letting her wander off in an impaired state.

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DKR Texas Memorial Stadium, 2200 Robert Dedman Dr.
Assault: Officers responded to Section 25 on a reported disturbance. During the investigation, the officers learned the suspect had been smoking a cigarette and was asked to put it out. The suspect took his cigarette and put it out on the victim’s arm. That action led to another action that was equal to or greater than the first action and a fight ensued. The victim refused to file charges and the suspect was ejected from the stadium. Occurred on: 9-08-12, at 9:07 PM.

Geesh. And, yikes. I would've pressed charges in half a second. Just: wow.

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Just saw this notice:

The Longhorn Network hosts two free public-viewing parties at Republic Square Park for the Texas vs. Wyoming game (Sept. 1) and Texas vs. New Mexico game (Sept. 8), broadcast live from Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Outside food or drinks, pets and umbrellas are not permitted. Events conclude upon games' [sic] end.

The games will be shown on an 8' x 18' LED video wall in the park. A 30' x 40' tent will also be onsite equipped with four flat-screen TVs. Seating is on a first come, first served basis.

So. As I understand things, the Longhorn Network is not really all that popular with local fans, right? So, what should they do about that? Ooh! Ooh! I know! Host a free viewing party for the poor folks that can't get the LHN. That'll engender lots of good will.

Oh, but don't bring let them bring their own food or drink. And, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Because events conclude as soon as the game does. Go on, now. Move along.

I do not like them. I do not like them, Sam I Am.

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