Two Shows: Sarah Sharp at the Elephant Room and Tater Tuesday at the Hard Luck Lounge - July 31, 2018

First Show

Sarah Sharp plays at the Elephant Room every Tuesday at 6. I wish I could go every week but I have a tough time getting away from the office in time to do that. I always enjoy myself when I do make it down there, though. Last night she started with Mitch Watkins on guitar and Masumi Jones on drums. But, they were soon joined by Oliver Steck on piano and trumpet, and then John Fremgen on bass. My Instagram clips:

Second Show

From there I hopped over to the Hard Luck Lounge to catch Tate Mayeux's (of Mayeux & Broussard) Tater Tuesday show. He usually has three guests but last night he had 7! To wit: Ali Holder, Kalu James (of Kalu & The Electric Joint), Carson McHone, James Moritz (of Wild Disguise), Brian Broussard (the other half of Mayeux & Broussard), Gordy Quist, and Dan Dyer. My Instagram clips:

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