Three shows: invoke, Michael Fracasso, and Colin Gilmore with Nicolette Good - July 19, 2018

First Show

invoke played the Third Thursday series at the Blanton Museum. It was an early that started at 5:30. They've recently scored an old (a classic?) animated film (Adventures of Prince Achmed) and presented some of the music they wrote and shared a bit of behind-the-scenes info on their scoring process. It was a very interesting show.

Second Show

Michael Fracasso played at the Cactus Cafe with Sweet Gary Newcomb on guitar and pedal steel. What a treat—getting to see Gary twice in one week. They were both at the top of their games. Lots of good music and laughter.

Third Show

I hopped over to the Continental Club Gallery as soon as Michael's show was over to catch Colin Gilmore and Nicolette Good subbing for Bonnie Whitmore at her Thursday night residency. I'm glad I made the show since neither of them have any Austin dates scheduled in the near future. It was a fun laid-back end to the night. And, my buddy Heather Miller also sang a song which was fun. I think that might've been her Gallery debut. Not sure about that, though. I forgot to ask.

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