Shawnee Kilgore and Jana Pochop at The Townsend - July 18, 2018

Last night was the 2nd of 4 shows in Shawnee Kilgore's residency at The Townsend. Her guest was Jana Pochop. One of the goals Shawnee has set for herself in this residency is to not repeat a song through the whole thing and not play any song she's released on any of her records. Cool, eh?

It was a really fun show. Shawnee and Jana were on fire. I'm so glad I was there to see it live. Here are some Instagram links:

I clipped more of the show than I usually do because Christal couldn't be there.

By the way, Shawnee is crowd-funding a new record. You should go back it 'cause it's gonna be good.

And (!), you should check out Jana's newest project: onetwothreescream. You won't be sorry.

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