Grouchy Like Riley at Gruene Hall - July 23, 2018

I was planning to go to the Grouchy Like Riley CD release party at Donn's Depot on Sunday afternoon. I thought it was gona go from 4 to 8 and I was working on a couple of projects and dilly-dallying around and suddenly it was 6:30 so I hopped in my car and headed down there—thinking I'd catch the last hour or so of the show. It was almost 7 as I pulled up and I was puzzled by the dearth of cars in the lot. And, then I saw Danny, Marvin, Chip, and a couple of other folks walking out with their gear. Huh? Danny told me the show was over—that it ended at 6. Sigh. So, when I realized they were doing a show at Gruene Hall last night, I tried again. I managed to get there in plenty of time and stuck around for a couple of hours. It was a good night! BTW, Grouchy Like Riley is Danny Britt, Marvin Dykhuis, and Chip Dolen. They had Rick Richards and Brad Houser playing with them. My Instagram clips:

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