Two Shows: Austin Empty Bowl Summer Concert and Warren Hood at the Bugle Boy - July 21, 2018

First Show

The Austin Empty Bowl Project helps raise money to fight hunger in the Austin area. Yesterday afternoon, they had their summer concert featuring music by Adam Carroll and Chris Carroll, Grace Pettis, and Shawnee Kilgore. The summer event is a lot smaller than the big event they host in November but it's always fun. I'm so glad I was able to go. A few links:

Second Show

I went straight from the Empty Bowl show to the Bugle Boy to see Warren Hood. I was very happily surprised to see he had Marshall Hood and Willie Pipkin with him. I used to get to see them play pretty often back in the day but don't see them as much these days so it was a special treat to see them in my favorite venue. A few links:

I just checked my phone to see if I had a "latergram" post or two to share but that seems to be all I recorded last night.

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