Campus Watch #72

From today's report:

Littlefield Fountain, 200 West 21st Street
Public Intoxication / Assault: UT Police Officers were summoned to a report of an assault in progress. Upon arrival, officers found the victim, a UT student, who pointed out his assailant—another UT student, who was under the age of 21. The investigation revealed, the suspect got into an argument with his girlfriend, yet a third UT student, over a text message he had received from another female subject. The suspect and his girlfriend ended their relationship over the text. The now ex-girlfriend asked the victim, who was an unsuspecting pedestrian at the time, to walk her home. The suspect then knocked the victim down and punched him several times. The assailant was also deemed to be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage to the point he was a danger to himself and chivalrous pedestrians everywhere. Occurred on 11/01/15 at 1:58 AM.

Chivalrous pedestrians everywhere.

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