What is that smell?

Got out to my car this morning and opened the back so I could load my backpack and was promptly affronted by a rather sickly-sweet smell. I couldn't imagine what could be in the car and started to talk myself into the idea that I was imagining the smell. But, no. It was there. I did a quick scan of the trunk area and there was nothing. I then opened the rear passenger door and could see a bit of reflection off a plastic bag on the floorboard under the sun shade that rides in the back seat. I crouched down toward it and realized that it was, in fact, the offending culprit. I could not remember eating out and stowing any left-overs in the car, though.

Then, realization dawned. Almost two weeks ago I bought some broccoli to put in my soup. When I unpacked my groceries, though, there had been no broccoli so I decided I'd either forgotten to get the broccoli or it had never made it into my bag at the checkout counter. I did not go check the car. And, it's been sitting in the car for at least 10 days without me noticing it. Which means it's been much colder of late in Austin than we're used to. No way a head of broccoli would normally last more than a day or two without going stinky this time of year.

So, I gingerly removed the bag from the floorboard, dropped it into another bag, and put the whole thing in the freezer where it can stop stinking and wait for garbage pick-up day. Which will be Saturday. Ick. I also liberally sprayed some Fabreeze on the floorboard of my car and on the sun shield.

And, the smell wasn't too bad on the way to work. I suspect it'll be all gone by this evening. I did leave the window cracked a bit.

I hope I've learned to check the car for missing veggies when I get home and find veggies missing from the grocery bag. I suppose that only time will tell.

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