Campus Watch #70

From today's report:

Chemical and Petroleum Engineeirng Building, 200 East Dean Keeton
Assault - A disturbance was reported inside a 2nd floor classroom. Officers located the subjects involved and learned a private company was presenting an informational session about their company for students. One UT student arrived, gathered a complimentary sandwich that was provided for by the company and sat through approximately 30 minutes of the presentation before leaving the classroom. One of the company representatives met the student in the hallway to debate the ethics of taking a sandwich and not staying for the entire presentation. The student then discarded the sandwich in the trash. The company representative retrieved the sandwich and launched it at the student's back. The student and another UT student later approached the company representative to file a complaint. The other UT student was reported to have lightly pushed the company representative prior to all parties separating. None of the involved parties wished to file charges. Reported on 09/22/14 at 7:50 PM.

My peeps! (This happened in my building.) Once again, proof that there's no such thing as a free lunch. The cost of that free sandwich, I'm sorry to break it to you, is sitting through a boring presentation.

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