Campus Watch #64

This is just odd:

Jester West Dormitory
Theft: A UT student reported a naked male entered the 6th floor bathroom and wrapped the victim's towel around himself then attempted to leave the area. The victim yelled at the subject to return his towel, which he did. When the victim finished showering, he discovered his keys, shorts, and tee-shirt had been stolen. A second student discovered his clothes and key to his room had also been stolen. The unknown subject was described as: Hispanic male, 5'-06", short black hair, thin build, and clean shaven. No clothing description was available. Loss value: $16.00. Occurred on: 2-09-13, at 3:25 AM.

I'm guessing the naked male was kicked out of someone else's room and he needed to make a getaway?

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And, more oddness:

Robert A. Welch Hall (the "chemistry" building)
Criminal Mischief: An unknown subject entered a 1st floor classroom wanting to take a test with only 5 minutes left. When denied his request, the subject stated he could finish the test in the allotted time. Again he was denied and asked to leave. The subject left, but walked through a glass door. A staff member heard the sound breaking glass. Estimated repair: $500.00. Occurred on: 2-08-13, at 3:43 PM.

Just 5 minutes...that's all he needed!

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